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Fiestas Popular

1st June

The Pilgrimage of El Rocio

The Pilgrimage of El Rocio

From 1st June to 6th June
Almonte (Huelva)
The pilgrimage of El Rocío in the town of Almonte (Huelva), is a traditional festival that brings together thousands of people each year in a popular religious atmosphere and where the purpose of the festivity is to make the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the 'Virgen del Rocío'.

2nd June


From 2nd June to 6th June
Santisteban del Puerto (Jaén)
Every year around Pentecost Sunday, the ancient festivities of Pascuamayo are celebrated, with the interesting Ritual de la Toma del Cuadro, as well as open-air dances and bullfighting festivities.

3rd June

Fadriqueñas Days

From 3rd June to 5th June
Villa de Don Fadrique, La (Toledo)
Cultural and tourist event in honour of the Infante Don Fadrique of Castile to commemorate his death at the hands of his half-brother King Pedro I El Cruel, which took place on 29 May 1358.

Renaissance Fair of Fonz

From 3rd June to 4th June
Fonz (Huesca)
On the first weekend in June, the town of Fonz returns to the 16th century. The square and the streets of the town, full of Renaissance palaces and buildings, are decorated and adorned and are the ideal setting to celebrate this Renaissance Fair.

4th June

Villa Privilege Day

From 4th June to 4th June
Arbancón (Guadalajara)
A Day that has its origins in the renewal of the title of Villa granted to this town in 1721 by King Felipe V, and by which Arbancón was freed from the dominion of the land of the Duchy of Medinaceli.

Almodóvar del Río Carnival

From 4th June to 12th June
Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba)
Regional Competition of Carnival Groups in Almodóvar del Río.

10th June

San Antonio de Padua in Villoldo

From 10th June to 13th June
Villoldo (Palencia)
The patron saint festivities in honour of San Antonio de Padua in Villoldo bring a programme of activities for everyone and anyone who wants to come and have a good time.

Saint Anthony of Padua in Fuentelespino de Haro

From 10th June to 14th June
Fuentelespino de Haro (Cuenca)
Festivities in honour of San Antonio de Padua in Fuentelespino de Haro, music with orchestra, release of cattle, processions and with a programme suitable for all those who want to come and discover it.

11th June

Cows in the Henares

From 11th June to 11th June
Espinosa de Henares (Guadalajara)
A festival that takes place on the banks of the river henares, a stew is prepared for all the participants to enjoy. In the evening, cows are released into the river for the enjoyment of all the people.

13th June

El Marrano de San Antón

El Marrano de San Antón

13th June
Alberca, La (Salamanca)
The Marrano of San Antón, is a tradition that takes place in 'La Alberca', Salamanca and in which a pig is released through the streets of the town after being blessed and which coincides with the traditional festival of San Antonio de Padua, which is celebrated on June 13 and gathers the people from all over Spain as well as foreign visitors.

Festivities of the Toro Enmaromado in Benavente

From 13th June to 19th June
Benavente (Zamora)
The origin of the 'toro enmaromado' festival is to be found in the context of the Corpus Christi festivity, which was celebrated in the town as far back as the 15th century, so the celebration is thought to have a religious origin.

Festivities in honour of San Antonio in Martín de Yeltes

From 13th June to 13th June
Martín de Yeltes (Salamanca)
Martín de Yeltes dresses up to celebrate the festival in honour of San Antonio. Religious and bullfighting events are the focus of the festivities to which everyone is invited.

16th June

Patron saint festivities in honour of Nuestra Señora de Nava - La Traída

From 16th June to 19th June
Fuentelcésped (Burgos)
Patron saint festivities held in June and July. They begin with 'La Traida', in June, when the Virgin is brought in procession to stay in the village until July, when she is returned to the hermitage with 'La Llevada'. Both dates incorporate solemn religious events, dances and open-air dances for everyone.

Corpus Christi of Hellín

From 16th June to 19th June
Hellín (Albacete)
The streets of Hellín are covered with carpets of sawdust decorated with bright colors that will be destroyed at the passage of the Corpus Christi procession. It is a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

17th June

Corpus Christi festivities in Cabanillas de la Sierra

From 17th June to 19th June
Cabanillas de la Sierra (Madrid)
Festival with musical activities, bullfighting events, children's events, parades with big-heads, open-air dances. Mass and Corpus Christi procession through the streets of the municipality accompanied by the Lozoyuela brass band.

18th June

Corpus Christri in Velliza

From 18th June to 19th June
Velliza (Valladolid)
Enjoy the festivity of Corpus Christi in Velliza with Mass and Procession, as well as other recreational activities such as children's playground, barbecue and music for everyone.

19th June

St. Gervasius and St. Protasius in Santervás de Campos

From 19th June to 20th June
Santervás de Campos (Valladolid)
Patron saint festival in honor of Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Both days there are processions through the streets of the village and on the second day they are also accompanied by the Virgen del Pilar. On the first day the relic of San Gervasio is venerated and remains exposed until the harvest is harvested. The music of the dulzaina and the drum and the nightly festivities are not lacking.

20th June

Medieval Days of Briones

Medieval Days of Briones

From 20th June to 21st June
Briones (Rioja, La)
The Medieval Days of Briones, takes place on the third weekend of June of each year and these are intended to remember the time of the fourteenth century, where most of the inhabitants participate in the different ceremonies.

23rd June

Paso del Fuego and Móndidas

Paso del Fuego and Móndidas

23rd June
San Pedro Manrique (Soria)
On June 23 El Paso del Fuego and Móndidas, is celebrated in San Pedro in Soria, where a large crowd of people to carry out an ancestral event that consists of an initiatory ritual to achieve immortality.
Bonfires of San Juan in La Coruña

Bonfires of San Juan in La Coruña

23rd June
Coruña, A (Coruña)
Come to know and enjoy a warm festival with bonfires, sardines and music, the best combination! This is the Bonfires of San Juan de La Coruña in Galicia, Spain.

Albanyà town festival

From 23rd June to 25th June
Albanyà (Gerona)
Three days of festivities at the Albanyà town festival, with music and activities for all ages.
Sant Pere festivities in Borles

Sant Pere festivities in Borles

From 23rd June to 29th June
Esporles (Baleares)
Festival celebrating the patron saint Sant Pere consisting of a week of activities and open-air dances. The traditional dance of La Filadora on 29th June stands out.

Almensilla Fair

From 23rd June to 26th June
Almensilla (Sevilla)
Almensilla Fair, with various performances, including that of Jonás Campos on an open-air stage, as well as a foam party for young people and water activities for the little ones.

24th June

Major festival of Sant Pere de Vilamajor

From 24th June to 29th June
Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Barcelona)
Four days of festivities at the Festes Majors of Sant Pere de Vilamajor where the traditional is mixed with the present: music, theater, sardanas. Don't miss the complete festive program for more details.

29th June

The Battel of Vine

The Battel of Vine

29th June
Haro (Rioja, La)
The Battle of Wine is a traditional festival, which takes place on June 29 of each year in the town of Haro (La Rioja), Spain, to celebrate the day of 'San Pedro', which tourists attend, both nationals and foreigners.

St. Peter and Our Lady of Serosas

From 29th June to 4th July
Montealegre de Campos (Valladolid)
In the celebration of the Patron Saints of Montealegre de Campos you will have time every day for gastronomy, music, concerts and contests.

Upcoming festivals

Rapa Das Bestas

From 1st July to 4th July
Estrada, A (Pontevedra)
Rapa Das Bestas
We invite you to discover an ancestral tradition in Sabucedo (Pontevedra) called Rapa Das Bestas, which consists of cutting the manes of wild horses and is celebrated from 1 to 4 July 2022.

The San Fermines

From 6th July to 14th July
Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)
The San Fermines
The festival of San Fermin is a celebration of great tourist interest that mobilizes all of Spain and takes place every year in Pamplona, Navarra and where the traditional celebration begins with the launch of the so-called 'Chupinazo' from the balcony of the town hall.

The Dance of the Stilts

From 21st July to 23rd July
Anguiano (Rioja, La)
The Dance of the Stilts
The Dance of the Stilts, is a popular traditional festival, which is celebrated in the town of Anguiano in La Rioja, Spain and which has been declared as an Intangible Cultural Property.

The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira

2nd August
Catoira (Pontevedra)
The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira
The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira, is a traditional festival considered one of the most striking and spectacular in all of Galicia: fighting, costumes, crafts and lots of laughs.

Festival of the Rama in Agaete

4th August
Agaete (Palmas (Las))
Festival of the Rama in Agaete
In Agaete (Gran Canaria) we have a very cheerful, lively and colorful festival that is celebrated every August 4th, in honor of the Virgin of Las Nieves. It is the Fiesta de la Rama.

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From 8th July to 9th July
Santa María la Real de Nieva (Segovia)
Festival Program for 2022

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