Festivals on February

Go through the festivals that we show you in February, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Festivities that had already started before

La Candelaria and San Blas in Valdemorillo

From 20th January to 17th February
Valdemorillo (Madrid)
A whole range of activities in a varied programme: parades, giants and big-heads. Procession of the Saint. Music, with orchestra and concerts, chocolatada, bullfighting events...
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

From 25th January to 18th February
Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las (Palmas (Las))
The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the oldest and most renowned festivals, the streets are dressed up for the party, with lots of colour, music and joy in every corner.

Torrevieja Carnival

From 26th January to 11th February
Torrevieja (Alicante)
The Carnival of Torrevieja fills the streets with rhythm, color and passion in a magical atmosphere typical of the biggest carnivals in Spain. We tell you all the curiosities of a festival declared of Tourist Interest Autonomic.

Écija Carnival

From 28th January to 11th February
Écija (Sevilla)
For just over two weeks, the Carnival of Ecija goes from the theater to the streets, neighborhoods, schools and bars where everyone dresses up to celebrate one of the most fun parties of the year.

1st February

Botillo Exaltation Festival

Botillo Exaltation Festival

From 1st February to 3rd February
Bembibre (León)
In February, Bembibre (León) celebrates the Festival of Exaltation of the Botillo, a typical sausage from El Bierzo which becomes the protagonist of the event.
The Endiablada

The Endiablada

From 1st February to 3rd February
Almonacid del Marquesado (Cuenca)
In February, Almonacid del Marquesado celebrates the festival of La Endiablada, where more than a hundred devils walk through the streets of the village with dances and jumps.
The Candlemas of Almendralejo

The Candlemas of Almendralejo

From 1st February to 4th February
Almendralejo (Badajoz)
Live the experience of being part of Las Candelas de Almendralejo, a ritual of purification in which the nights are illuminated by bonfires that eliminate all evil.
Traginers Festival in Balsareny

Traginers Festival in Balsareny

From 1st February to 4th February
Balsareny (Barcelona)
On the Sunday before carnival, the Fiesta de los Traginers is held, a tribute to the honourable work of the muleteer. A parade of horses and carriages takes place in the streets of Balsareny in a lively musical atmosphere.

Pilgrimage of Las Candelas and San Blas in Cáceres

From 1st February to 4th February
Cáceres (Cáceres)
In addition to the pilgrimages, with procession and Eucharist, visitors will be able to enjoy typical Extremaduran music and gastronomy. The sale of aniseed doughnuts, typical of these festivities, will not be missing.

2nd February

Los Negritos of San Blas

Los Negritos of San Blas

From 2nd February to 3rd February
Montehermoso (Cáceres)
Los Negritos de San Blas is an event that takes place on February 2 and 3 in the Montehermoso region, in Cáceres, Spain, to pay a special tribute to San Blas and which is considered an event of Regional Tourist Interest.
Festivities in honour of San Blas and Santa Águeda in Fonz

Festivities in honour of San Blas and Santa Águeda in Fonz

From 2nd February to 5th February
Fonz (Huesca)
In February, the Festivities in honour of San Blas and Santa Águeda take place in Fonz. They have been celebrated for more than four centuries and attract visitors from all over Spain.

San Blas in Ateca

From 2nd February to 3rd February
Ateca (Zaragoza)
A unique festival that you can't miss, in the festivities of the Patron Saint of the town the Mask is chased, a grotesque character that the little ones will try to remove a bell, and on the way up the hill they will throw apples at him. Music and orchestras will be present at nightfall, and religious acts during the day.

Cartagena Carnival

From 2nd February to 13th February
Cartagena (Murcia)
The batucadas, concerts and parades through the streets are the main attraction of the Carnival of Cartagena, where there will also be contests of chirigotas, drag queens and queens of the festivities.

Isla Cristina Carnival

From 2nd February to 18th February
Isla Cristina (Huelva)
The Carnival of Isla Cristina is one of the oldest and most important in Spain, and the one that arouses more interest after Cadiz: its floats, dances and costume contests will not leave you indifferent. Festival of Andalusian Tourist Interest.

Águilas Carnival

From 2nd February to 24th February
Águilas (Murcia)
The Águilas Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in Spain, it was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2015, and lasts two weeks, are you going to miss it?

3rd February

The Wine Fountain

The Wine Fountain

3rd February
Borriana/Burriana (Castellón)
Do you dream of a fountain from which the most exquisite wine flows? You don't have to keep dreaming, visit Burriana on the day of San Blas and enjoy the Font del Vi.

Moors and Christians in Bocairent

From 3rd February to 6th February
Bocairent (Valencia)
The colourful and majestic festivities with a great tradition continue to decorate the streets of this small town in the interior of the province of Valencia. More than 2,000 festeros and festerteras actively participate in the big days of the festivities, along with the rest of the citizens who are, without doubt, also a fundamental part of the Moors and Christians.
The Feast of San Blas in La Puebla de Cazalla

The Feast of San Blas in La Puebla de Cazalla

3rd February
Puebla de Cazalla, La (Sevilla)
Tradition for its 'roscos', baked in an old wood-fired oven. Days before, the recipe for these sweets, which is passed down from generation to generation, is prepared. On February 3rd, they are blessed by the parish priest. According to tradition, this is done to prevent throat ailments that are common during this time of year.

Candelaria in Fuencaliente

3rd February
Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real)
Fancy some migas by the fire? We look forward to seeing you once again at Candelaria to continue with our traditions and enjoy the day of the tizne with us!

4th February

Vinarós Carnival

From 4th February to 20th February
Vinaròs (Castellón)
One of the most famous and celebrated carnivals of the Mediterranean coast is the Carnival of Vinarós, declared of Tourist Interest. Batucadas, costume contests and spectacular parades await you.

8th February

Carnival of Verín

Carnival of Verín

From 8th February to 13th February
Verín (Orense)
This festival of National Tourist Interest is celebrated for three weeks and every day is full of surprises. It follows an ancestral ritual with the presence of "cigarrones" that walk through the main streets, parades of troupes, floats, music and open-air dances. Weeks of fun and gastronomic feasts.

Vilanova i la Geltrú Carnival

From 8th February to 14th February
Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)
The Carnival of Vilanova i la Geltrú is one of the most traditional and oldest in Spain. The most awaited are the comparsas, with their bands and brass bands. The boys with the barretina and the girls with the manila shawl.

9th February

Santa Pola Carnival

From 9th February to 10th February
Santa Pola (Alicante)
Do not miss the parades, batucadas and costume contests for all audiences of the Santa Pola Carnival, a lively party with lots of music and color, long live the carnival!

10th February

Madrid Carnival

From 10th February to 14th February
Madrid (Madrid)
Madrid goes all out for Carnival, filling the streets with color, music and dance for a whole week. The most anticipated is the main parade on Saturday with the best comparsas and themed floats, a spectacle not to be missed!


From 10th February to 17th February
Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real)
Fuencarnaval is coming and will get everyone dancing! Parties, parades, parades, rallies, workshops, activities, burial of the sardine, competitions... check out the programme and don't stay at home.

Rota Carnival

From 10th February to 18th February
Rota (Cádiz)
Rota turns to its carnival, where the most characteristic is the Festival de Agrupaciones and the coronation of the Sirena del Carnaval and the Sirena Infantil, without forgetting the Sunday parade in which the whole town dresses up.

11th February

Malaga Carnival

Malaga Carnival

From 11th February to 13th February
Málaga (Málaga)
The colourful Malaga Carnival takes place in the theatre and in the streets, where locals and visitors enjoy the parades and the most original costumes.
Herencia Carnival

Herencia Carnival

From 11th February to 22nd February
Herencia (Ciudad Real)
In February the Herencia Carnival is celebrated, the most fun party in the area with two weeks of festivities, parades, music, masks and colours. You won't regret it!

A Coruña Carnival

From 11th February to 25th February
Coruña, A (Coruña)
Prepare your best costume to celebrate the Carnival of La Coruña, enjoy the comparsas, fun and debauchery of a special carnival that also has cultural activities, screenings and workshops for all audiences.

12th February

Stew Fair in Lalín

Stew Fair in Lalín

From 12th February to 12th February
Lalín (Pontevedra)
During the Cocido Fair in Lalín, the streets get dressed up to pay tribute to the characteristic dish of the local gastronomy. When you try it, you will be captivated.

Go through the festivals that we show you in February, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Upcoming festivals

The pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Viñas in Tomelloso

From 13th April to 21st April
Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
The pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Viñas in Tomelloso
Discover the spectacular green carriages, a mix of tradition and modernity. Days of togetherness and brotherhood around the Virgin of the Vine, with good food, traditional games, skill competitions, and folk performances.

Day of the Light

From 17th April to 17th April
Arroyo de la Luz (Cáceres)
Arroyo de la Luz celebrates the Day of the Light every Easter Monday in honor of the Patron Saint. Enjoy the excitement of horse racing, music, and traditional food at the town's most important festivity. Declared a Regional Tourist Interest Festival since 1997.

Water Monday in Salamanca

17th April
Salamanca (Salamanca)
Come to Salamanca and celebrate the Lunes de Aguas! Enjoy a day in the countryside with friends and family while tasting the delicious hornazo, a typical dish of the festivity. Discover the history behind this tradition that dates back to the 16th century. Don't miss it!

Medieval Week in Montblanc

From 19th April to 28th April
Montblanc (Tarragona)
Medieval Week in Montblanc
Immerse yourself in the medieval era in the beautiful city of Montblanc. Enjoy exciting knight shows and medieval dances, taste delicious delicacies at the craft market, and marvel at the historical monuments.

Pilgrimage of the Holy Face

20th April
Alicante/Alacant (Alicante)
Discover the pilgrimage of the Holy Face in Alicante, a centuries-old tradition full of emotion and devotion. Experience this unique event and discover the history and culture of the city at the same time.

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