Festivals on August

Go through the festivals that we show you in August, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Festivities that had already started before


From 12th July to 2nd August
Malpartida de Cáceres (Cáceres)
If there is one thing that characterises Malpartida de Cáceres, it is its wide range of leisure and cultural activities throughout the year, but it is in summer when the greatest number of events take place. You are all invited to enjoy Malpartida de Cáceres and the people of Malpartida de Cáceres.
Las Minas International Singing Festival

Las Minas International Singing Festival

From 27th July to 6th August
Unión, La (Murcia)
The Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas de La Unión, in Murcia, is held at the end of July and beginning of August. It is a festival that showcases the best of flamenco music through galas and competitions.

Patron Saint Festivals of La Roda de Albacete

From 27th July to 6th August
Roda, La (Albacete)
La Roda celebrates its Fiestas Mayores in honour of El Salvador, around the 6th of August. 9 days full of fun and festive activities including the Literary Gala, the Procession of the patron saint 'El Salvador' and floats, concerts.

St. Peter Advincula

From 28th July to 1st August
Saelices de Mayorga (Valladolid)
Patron saint festivities dedicated to San Pedro, from the end of July, with music at night, until the body can stand it.


From 28th July to 20th August
Villaharta (Córdoba)
Its name reflects water and August, the two identifying signs of Villaharta, water for the hydrotherapic spas of the municipality and August being the time when its people meet again. With performances, conferences, exhibitions, games and flamenco.

2nd August

The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira

The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira

2nd August
Catoira (Pontevedra)
The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira, is a traditional festival considered one of the most striking and spectacular in all of Galicia: fighting, costumes, crafts and lots of laughs.
Festivities in Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary in Belvís de Monroy

Festivities in Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary in Belvís de Monroy

From 2nd August to 6th August
Belvís de Monroy (Cáceres)
The historical municipality of Belvís de Monroy celebrates the festivity in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary. Being Villa and retaining the strong defensive character at the same time religious, is a festival that unites both characteristics and merges them with fun, joy, orchestras and many popular activities.

Gazpacho de los 3 Golpes Festival

From 2nd August to 5th August
Alfarnatejo (Málaga)
Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest in Malaga, held on the first weekend in August in Alfarnatejo. With tasting of the product, market, exhibitions and artists who complete the day.

El Rubio Fair and Festivals

From 2nd August to 7th August
Rubio, El (Sevilla)
The town of El Rubio is decked out for its big week with a varied programme of festivities, including musical performances, sports competitions and exhibitions.

3rd August

Patron Saint Festivities of Las Gabias

From 3rd August to 7th August
Gabias, Las (Granada)
Patron Saint Fiestas in honour of Our Lady of Las Nieves Coronada. Days of coexistence, good atmosphere, activities and lots of fun. The perfect place to reconnect with friends, with oneself, and with the roots that define us as gabirros and gabirras.

Manzanares el Real Festivities

From 3rd August to 7th August
Manzanares el Real (Madrid)
Manzanares el Real awaits you with exciting concerts, lively open-air dances, thrilling contests, and passionate sports competitions. Feel the fun in every moment.

Cultural week in Campo

From 3rd August to 11th August
Campo (Huesca)
Cultural week held the week before the town's main festivities. Each year the theme of the cultural week is different, with activities taking place every day of the week.

4th August

Festival of the Rama in Agaete

Festival of the Rama in Agaete

4th August
Agaete (Palmas (Las))
In Agaete (Gran Canaria) we have a very cheerful, lively and colorful festival that is celebrated every August 4th, in honor of the Virgin of Las Nieves. It is the Fiesta de la Rama.

Virgin of As Neves Festivals

From 4th August to 5th August
Neves, As (Pontevedra)
Festivities in honour of the patron saint of the municipality. There will be music with popular bands and a verbena for everyone.

Tired Donkey Soup Festival

From 4th August to 5th August
Muíños (Orense)
Declared a festival of tourist interest in Galicia. It consists of the tasting of the traditional dish made with bread, wine and sugar. There will be charangas, popular games, craft fair, Galician championship of carrilanas and orchestra.

White Fair in Vitoria

From 4th August to 9th August
Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)
The Feria de Vitoria is back, with its barracas, tombolas, traditional food stalls and attractions. The fairs known as the Ferias de la Blanca are eagerly awaited this year by residents and tourists who come to enjoy themselves.

5th August

Cortelazor La Real National Painting Competition

5th August
Cortelazor (Huelva)
In Cortelazor La Real art meets in the street every year, in its National Open Air Painting Competition, open to everyone, with economic prizes and exhibition of works.

Skewered Meat Festival and Youth Encounter

From 5th August to 5th August
Calvos de Randín (Orense)
Meat or espeto de becerro e porco, a different and particular feast of the area. With products from our land. A party for all ages, with hiking route, food, activities for children and enlivened by a disco.

Festivals of San Esteban in Arguedas

From 5th August to 13th August
Arguedas (Navarra)
Popular festivities with running of the bulls and shows of brave cattle. Famous running of the bulls through the ESTRECHO. Concerts and dance sessions with good orchestras. Come and join us. Once with us you will be able also to visit in park of the nature SENDA VIVA and BÁRDENAS. In Arguedas nobody is a stranger.

6th August

New Year's Eve in August in Bérchules

New Year's Eve in August in Bérchules

6th August
Bérchules (Granada)
In the town of Bérchules in Granada, New Year's Eve is celebrated in August! We invite you to discover this popular festivity that breaks the traditional schemes: New Year's Eve in August in Bérchules.

Camero Viejo Day

6th August
Soto en Cameros (Rioja, La)
In the region of Camero Viejo, in La Rioja, a day of fraternisation, meeting of its people and dissemination of its roots, traditions and culture is celebrated in order to make it known to the whole world. Each year it is held in a different village.

7th August

San Roque Patron Saint Festivities and Cultural and Sports Week

San Roque Patron Saint Festivities and Cultural and Sports Week

From 7th August to 17th August
Alboloduy (Almería)
The festivities in honour of the patron saint of San Roque start every year from the 14th to the 17th of August, with a Cultural and Sports week beforehand, which is characterised by a variety of activities for all the citizens.

San Nomedio Pilgrimage

From 7th August to 7th August
Neves, As (Pontevedra)
Festivity in honour of San Nomedio in the parish of Taboexa where hundreds of devotees make a pilgrimage to the summit of the mountain of the same name. During the day, religious ceremonies are held in the chapel, followed by a picnic lunch which ends late at night.

Moors and Christians of Elche

From 7th August to 11th August
Elche/Elx (Alicante)
Elche passionately and colorfully celebrates the Christian reconquest, honoring Our Lady of the Assumption. Twelve troupes, six from each side, dazzle with their splendor in this festival declared of regional tourist interest. From August 7th to 11th.

Villanueva de Tapia Cultural Week

From 7th August to 13th August
Villanueva de Tapia (Málaga)
A whole week of cultural, sporting and leisure activities for locals and visitors of all ages. The fashion contest for young designers M2Moda&Música is a highlight.

9th August

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Horse Races

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Horse Races

From 9th August to 11th August
Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz)
The Sanlúcar Horse Races take place on the beach during the month of August and is one of the oldest equestrian races in Europe. A unique event.
August Festivities in Elche

August Festivities in Elche

From 9th August to 16th August
Elche/Elx (Alicante)
A lively blend of culture, music, and tradition. Enjoy colorful parades, concerts, contests, and the iconic 'Nit de l'Albà', where the sky lights up with fireworks like the "Palmera de la Virgen," followed by the tradition of eating watermelon.

Patron Saint Festivities of Virgen de la Asunción in Pinto

From 9th August to 15th August
Pinto (Madrid)
August festivities in Pinto, a cultural and religious celebration in honor of Virgen de la Asunción. Concerts, processions, dance, fireworks, and gastronomic delights. Festive atmosphere and fun for all ages.

Sounds of Teixeira

From 9th August to 19th August
Teixeira, A (Orense)
Concerts, circus, dance, adventure, gastronomy, cinema, wine tasting, kayak.... culture in the Ribeira Sacra!!!

10th August

Herrera Fair and Festivals

From 10th August to 14th August
Herrera (Sevilla)
The fair of Herrera begins with the night of the pescaito (small fish) and the flamenco evening Pedro de la Timotea. Several events are organised for different sectors of the population. Highlights include the exhibition of cowboy and classical dressage, the horse riders and horsewomen, as well as the performances in the municipal and youth stalls, the latter attracting around 3,000 people.

11th August

Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Mountain

Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Mountain

From 11th August to 13th August
Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla)
Devotion and joy in Sierra Morena. Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary, moving mass, and procession with the Virgin. Pilgrims sing and dance along the way, and the celebration culminates with a parade through the streets to the Parish Church. A deeply rooted tradition since 1635.

Fair and Festivities of El Castillo de las Guardas

From 11th August to 13th August
Castillo de las Guardas, El (Sevilla)
El Castillo de las Guardas is decked out every year in August to celebrate its Fair and Festivities. With great enthusiasm and a programme of activities that will delight locals and visitors alike. Concerts, children's shows and bullfighting festivities.

Fair and Festivities in Honour of La Virgen de Las Angustias Patron Saint of Tabernas

From 11th August to 15th August
Tabernas (Almería)
The Patron Saint's Fair and Festivities present a lively programme, with a focus on the Patron Saint, with acts of worship, as well as a parade of floats, presided over by the Moza and Majo. There will also be orchestra music and competitions for all ages.

Leganés Festivities

From 11th August to 16th August
Leganés (Madrid)
Fiestas in honour of Our Lady of Butarque, with a good line-up of concerts, fireworks, orchestras and a day dedicated to the little ones.

Sitges Major Festivities

From 11th August to 18th August
Sitges (Barcelona)
Vibrant Sitges Major Festival, colorful parades, giants and big-heads, sardana dances, dazzling fireworks, and cultural events. An unforgettable festive experience on the picturesque Catalan coast.

Patron Saint Festivities in Matet

From 11th August to 23rd August
Matet (Castellón)
Patron saint festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Assumption and the Rosary, religious festivities and bullfighting celebrations are held.

Patron saint festivities in honour of San Bartolomé in Beniel

From 11th August to 26th August
Beniel (Murcia)
Every year Beniel is filled with colour and enthusiasm with the arrival of the patron saint fiestas in honour of San Bartolomé, with music, parades and competitions among the many activities to be enjoyed.

12th August

Bread Festival in Ribadumia

12th August
Ribadumia (Pontevedra)
A gastronomic festival celebrating bread, in which the activities revolve around the tradition and values of this basic pillar of food. With a representation of traditional bread-making processes, competitions and tastings.

Sant Llorenç Festival in Alaior

From 12th August to 15th August
Alaior (Baleares)
In Alaior they celebrate the festivities in honor of San Lorenzo, among its various events include the Jaleos and the parade of floats.

Patron saint festivities in honour of Nuestra Señora de Las Angustias

From 12th August to 15th August
Albuñuelas (Granada)
The procession and the floral offering in honour of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias is a highlight, as well as the procession of our Father Jesus, both of which attract people from other towns as the devotees remain deeply rooted far from our town.

Festivities in honour of the Virgen de la Asunción and San Roque in Malanquilla

From 12th August to 16th August
Malanquilla (Zaragoza)
We will once again have music in the streets, a street party in the square, competitions, sporting activities, the most important thing being that we all participate together. We will all go together to honour Our Lady of the Assumption and San Roque, and we will ask that next year no one is missing, and that this Malanquillan family does not stop growing.

Malaga Fair

From 12th August to 19th August
Málaga (Málaga)
The Malaga Fair returns every August with a programme full of colour and joy, both in the Centre and in the Real: concerts, stalls, attractions and lots of partying. Long live the Malaga Fair!

13th August

The Devil's Escape

The Devil's Escape

13th August
Valverde de Leganés (Badajoz)
Valverde de Leganés celebrates the Fuga de la Diabla in August, where the forces of good confront the devils in a battle that takes place in the streets of the town, in an unprecedented spectacle of fire and light.
Running of the bulls of Pilón in Falces

Running of the bulls of Pilón in Falces

From 13th August to 20th August
Falces (Navarra)
In August, the Encierro del Pilón de Falces takes place, a bullfighting festival in which young people run in front of the bulls along a dangerous path on the edge of the cliff.

Moorish Verbena in La Puebla de Cazalla

From 13th August to 13th August
Puebla de Cazalla, La (Sevilla)
A popular and traditional verbena to enjoy with friends, music, the night and some churritos in the adjacent square.

Festivities of the Virgin in Fuencaliente

From 13th August to 15th August
Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real)
Festivities with brass bands, big heads, fire bulls and performances. Cultural activities for all, leisure and religious.

Rialp town festival

From 13th August to 15th August
Rialp (Lérida)
The Rialp town festival offers all visitors orchestra music and popular dances. Every day there are children's activities. You won't be disappointed.

Festivities in honour of the Virgen del Rosario in Quintanar del Rey

From 13th August to 18th August
Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca)
Festivities of great popular roots with a great regional repercussion. Great fair parade and street parties together with a welcoming natural environment, are a visual incentive for all those who want to come and discover it.

14th August

Patron saint festivals in La Alberca, Diagosto and La Loa

Patron saint festivals in La Alberca, Diagosto and La Loa

From 14th August to 18th August
Alberca, La (Salamanca)
Vibrantes Fiestas Patronales: vive el mágico 'Diagosto' en honor a la Virgen de la Asunción y sumérgete en la ancestral 'Loa', un impresionante auto sacramental que destaca el triunfo del bien sobre el mal. Una experiencia única en un pueblo encantador.
Badalona Major Festivities

Badalona Major Festivities

From 14th August to 16th August
Badalona (Barcelona)
Immerse yourself in the refreshing August Main Festival. With dances, concerts, and deep-rooted traditions like the Ballada de Gegants and the Bany de Bestias. Enjoy the festive atmosphere with fireworks on the beach and reserve your spot for the iconic communal meal.

Go through the festivals that we show you in August, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Upcoming festivals

The Party of Vitor

27th September
Mayorga (Valladolid)
The Party of Vitor
The Party of Vítor is a festivity of National Tourist Interest celebrated in Mayorga (Valladolid), where a procession is held in honor of the patron saint Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo.

Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos

From 28th September to 2nd October
Torremolinos (Málaga)
Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos
The month of September every year the Romería y Feria de San Miguel takes place in Torremolinos, a special event on the Costa del Sol, which is complemented by wonderful weather, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The Release of the Cursed Dog

28th September
Valsequillo de Gran Canaria (Palmas (Las))
The Release of the Cursed Dog
The Suelta del Perro Maldito (Release of the Cursed Dog) kicks off the festivities in honour of the patron saint of San Miguel Arcángel, where many take to the streets representing evil creatures and the town gives itself over to the shadows.

The Departure of Diego

From 29th September to 1st October
Teruel (Teruel)
Discover an episode from the history of the Lovers of Teruel in the Departure of Diego. Immerse yourself in a journey to the 13th century with medieval costumes, parades, and thrilling theatrical performances. A unique experience that brings to life a legendary love story.

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