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Go through the festivals that we show you in October, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Festivities that had already started before

Santomera's Patron Saint Festivities

From 17th September to 7th October
Santomera (Murcia)
Three weeks of intense cultural, sporting and leisure activities for all audiences, including 'Sanvino', a gastronomic and wine fair that attracts thousands of people every year, and the Bando de la Huerta, a lively parade that recreates the traditions of the Murcian huerta.

San Miguel and San Hermolao de Lucena Patron Saint Festivals

From 23rd September to 2nd October
Lucena del Cid (Castellón)
Traditional festivities in honour of the patron saints of the town, San Miguel and San Hermolao, in which cultural, musical and bullfighting events are held.

Festivities of San Miguel and San Jerónimo in Olmedo

From 23rd September to 2nd October
Olmedo (Valladolid)
In honour of their patron saints, with a wide range of activities, the traditional 'village-style' running of the bulls, declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, is one of the main attractions.

San Miguel festivities in Las Rozas

From 23rd September to 2nd October
Rozas de Madrid, Las (Madrid)
Festive activities for all audiences, in which apart from the great line-up of concerts, the medieval market, parades of floats, championships and popular meals stand out. Come and enjoy it!

San Miguel Arcángel and Virgen de Fátima Patron Saint Festivities in Enguera

From 24th September to 2nd October
Enguera (Valencia)
San Miguel Arcángel and Virgen de Fátima Patron Saint Festivities in Enguera feature many activities, such as presentations, costumes, competitions, gastronomy, fireworks, release of heifers, open-air dances and much more.

Hellín Fair in honor of the patron saint Virgen del Rosario

From 24th September to 2nd October
Hellín (Albacete)
Festivals and Fair in honor of the patron saint of the town: La Virgen del Rosario. Always with a surprising concert poster, with days dedicated to specific people or topics. It will surely surprise you!

Alhama de Murcia Fair

From 24th September to 8th October
Alhama de Murcia (Murcia)
Festivities in Alhama de Murcia, in honour of its patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario. With activities for all audiences: concerts, exhibitions, dance, gastronomy, attractions.

Virgen de la Paciencia Festivities in Oropesa del Mar

From 24th September to 9th October
Oropesa del Mar/Orpesa (Castellón)
Festivities in honour of the patron saint. In the 17th century it was the Virgen del Rosario but after the attack by Barbary pirates and its laborious recovery, it became the Virgen de la Paciencia. The festive programme includes concerts, dances, gastronomic events...

San Miguel Fair in Bejar

From 25th September to 2nd October
Béjar (Salamanca)
Festivities in honour of the patron saint, the archangel St. Michael, a colourful festival with a varied festive programme, where there is no shortage of music. The theatre and the traditional livestock fair are the most eagerly awaited elements.

Festivities of San Cosme and San Damián in Poza de la Sal

From 26th September to 2nd October
Poza de la Sal (Burgos)
Patron saint festivities of Poza de la Sal in which you can enjoy a charangas festival, sports competitions, orchestral music, a fire bull, among many other festive activities.
Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos

Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos

From 28th September to 2nd October
Torremolinos (Málaga)
The month of September every year the Romería y Feria de San Miguel takes place in Torremolinos, a special event on the Costa del Sol, which is complemented by wonderful weather, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Baena Royal Fair

From 28th September to 1st October
Baena (Córdoba)
The lighting up of the lights and the traditional lunch with the elderly marks the start of this fair, which began in the 18th century as a livestock fair. It has an extensive programme of activities, with musical performances, an orchestra, Sevillana dance competitions, a trade fair...

San Miguel Fair in Vélez-Málaga

From 28th September to 2nd October
Vélez-Málaga (Málaga)
A fair of reference in the Axarquia region, where you should not miss the verdiales and regional dances. The daytime fair and its "casetas" is another ingredient that make these festivities great.

Patron Saint Festivities in Honour of Jesus of the Column in Montalbo

From 28th September to 2nd October
Montalbo (Cuenca)
The main festivals par excellence, and in which the entire town, fully, turns to them. We invite you to discover its most outstanding activities, such as: the dancers, the bulls, the festivals, the gunpowder, the processions, the proclamation of festivities, the popular meals or the children's attractions.

Torrox Fair

From 28th September to 2nd October
Torrox (Málaga)
Festivities dedicated to the patron saints: the Virgen de las Nieves and San Roque. The day is in August but the celebration was postponed until the end of the grape harvest. Regional dance shows, performances and music are the highlights of the festive programme.
O Grove Seafood Festival

O Grove Seafood Festival

From 29th September to 12th October
Grove, O (Pontevedra)
The municipality of O Grove is known throughout Galicia as the cradle of good seafood, and the Seafood Festival is the perfect occasion to exalt these delicacies with seafood products.

Day of the Aurora

From 29th September to 7th October
Montilla (Córdoba)
On dates when the chestnuts and walnuts return, in the early hours of Saturday morning to the Sunday closest to the day of the Patron Saint of Montilla, occasional groups, choirs, tunas and rondallas sing to the Virgen de la Aurora. Ending in serenades and passacaglias throughout the night.
Feast of Fabada

Feast of Fabada

From 30th September to 2nd October
Lourenzá (Lugo)
The Feast of Fabada is a gastronomic event that takes place in Galicia, Spain, and brings together thousands of people every year in the town of Lourenzá.
Festival of the Moors and Christians of Crevillent

Festival of the Moors and Christians of Crevillent

From 30th September to 4th October
Crevillent (Alicante)
Come and discover a great festivity, with spectacular parades and luxurious costumes as part of a great tradition. From the 30th of September to the 4th of October the Moors and Christians Festival of Crevillente is celebrated.

Historical-Tourist Conference and Election of Medieval Mayors. Medieval Manzanares

From 30th September to 2nd October
Manzanares (Ciudad Real)
Manzanares recalls its medieval past with a programme full of activities for everyone. Cinema, Theatre, Children's Workshops, Concerts, Medieval Dances, Torchlight Procession, Medieval Games and Jousting, Parades, Election of Medieval Mayors, Calatrava Medieval Market, Popular Lunch... an endless number of free activities for the enjoyment of all those who wish to participate.

Betanzos Omelette Week

From 30th September to 9th October
Betanzos (Coruña)
For a week you can taste the omelettes of Betanzos and participate by judging the one you like the most as a popular jury.

Virgen del Rosario Festivities in Medina de Pomar

From 30th September to 12th October
Medina de Pomar (Burgos)
Patron saint festivities held on the first weekend of October. The most colourful part is provided by the peñas, with activities for children, gastronomy, a bullfighting fair, open-air dances and parades with brass bands.

1st October

Holy Family and Holy Christ in La Vall d'Uixó

Holy Family and Holy Christ in La Vall d'Uixó

From 1st October to 16th October
Vall d'Uixó, la (Castellón)
Popularly known as 'Sant Josep' and declared of national tourist interest since 2004. The festivities begin with the presentation of the queen and for two weeks there is a succession of emotional events such as processions, pilgrimages and bullfights.

Festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary in Matet

From 1st October to 2nd October
Matet (Castellón)
Festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, and fast painting competition. With religious acts, parades and games for children and not so children.

3rd October

The Cervantina Week

The Cervantina Week

From 3rd October to 11th October
Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
The Cervantina Week is a very special occasion, since it is about paying tribute to the writer Miguel de Cervantes, one of the most important literary figures in Spain and who left a great legacy for humanity.

4th October

San Froilán Festivities

San Froilán Festivities

From 4th October to 12th October
Lugo (Lugo)
In October, one of the most beautiful and colourful festivities of the Galician autumn is celebrated. We invite you to discover the festivities of San Froilán, the patron saint of Lugo.

6th October

Toro Grape Harvest Festival

From 6th October to 9th October
Toro (Zamora)
This festival was born to formalise the series of sporadic performances that had been taking place year after year for decades. Wine tasting, regional dances, exhibitions, regional homemade wine competition and much more not to be missed.

Fuengirola Fair

From 6th October to 12th October
Fuengirola (Málaga)
Patron Saint Festivities, in honour of the Virgen del Rosario. Its fairground attracts many visitors from the Costa del Sol. Its festive activities include horse-drawn carriage exhibitions, musical performances, fireworks, a day dedicated to the little ones with activities for them...

7th October

The First Cutting of the Honey in Ayora

The First Cutting of the Honey in Ayora

From 7th October to 9th October
Ayora (Valencia)
At the beginning of October, the Valencian town of Ayora celebrates the Primer Corte de la Miel, a gastronomic festival with many activities for all ages, based around its star product: honey.
Cazuelica and Wine Week

Cazuelica and Wine Week

From 7th October to 16th October
Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)
The Cazuelica and Wine Week is an excellent opportunity to taste exquisite mini-appetizers of stew at a very affordable price, served in casseroles and accompanied by Navarrese wines that are paired with them.

Susinos del Páramo Patron Saint Festivities

From 7th October to 9th October
Susinos del Páramo (Burgos)
The festivities of Susinos del Páramo are held in the name of San Vicente Martín, patron saint of our fiestas, and it is a weekend of meeting, enjoyment, laughter, traditions, encounters and dancing.

8th October

The festivities of Pilar

The festivities of Pilar

From 8th October to 16th October
Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
The festivities of Pilar takes place in Zaragoza, to honor the Virgen of the Pilar, patron saint of this city. It is a traditional festival that begins on October 12th and lasts for a week.
San Lucas Fair in Jaén

San Lucas Fair in Jaén

From 8th October to 18th October
Jaén (Jaén)
The Jaén Fair takes place in the middle of October, in honour of St. Luke, a week full of fun and relaxation for the whole family: live music, stalls and leisure activities.

Function of the Shepherds

From 8th October to 9th October
Cervatos de la Cueza (Palencia)
The Feast of the Shepherds is one of the most emblematic gatherings of a whole way of life. The celebration is an act of homage to this united community and brotherhood, which has broken the barriers of time. Celebrated since 1954, Cervatos de la Cueza honours its patron saint on the second weekend of October, the Virgen de los Remedios, with its festival of the 'Shepherds'.

Nerja Fair

From 8th October to 12th October
Nerja (Málaga)
The Nerja Fair is held in October, with its traditional pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Angustias and folkloric performances, with the election of Mister and Mis Nerja, who later take part in regional beauty pageants.

11th October

12th October

San Fausto festivities in Durango

From 12th October to 23rd October
Durango (Vizcaya)
The chupinazo marks the beginning of Durango's patron saint festivities, always with a great line-up of concerts. These festivities are very cultural, with dance, theatre and circus performances for the youngest...

14th October

Donation of the Villa in Fresno el Viejo

From 14th October to 16th October
Fresno el Viejo (Valladolid)
Historical recreation, market and medieval activities, medieval dinner, medieval camp, medieval tournament, medieval mass, appointment of commander, medieval games, queen's pincho and activities in the bars.

Go through the festivals that we show you in October, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Upcoming festivals

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca

From 3rd June to 11th June
Daroca (Zaragoza)
Since the Middle Ages, this miracle has been celebrated during the Corpus in the major festivities of Daroca. In addition to attracting pilgrims to contemplate the relic, there is a rich program of festivities for all visitors.

Corpus Christi in Toledo

From 4th June to 11th June
Toledo (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Toledo
Discover Corpus Christi in Toledo: A historic procession full of tradition and faith, featuring beautiful floats and the impressive custodia by Enrique de Arfe. Experience a unique celebration in a city that fully embraces this sacred event.

Corpus Christi in Camuñas

From 7th June to 11th June
Camuñas (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Camuñas
Discover the magic of Corpus Christi in Camuñas with the impressive Pecados y Danzantes, the procession, and the cultural and gastronomic richness of this unique celebration. Experience an unforgettable experience.

Patum de Berga

From 7th June to 11th June
Berga (Barcelona)
Patum de Berga
Experience the magic of a traditional festival filled with music, dances, and theatrical performances. Enjoy mystical figures, fire dances, and a unique atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the history of this UNESCO-recognized celebration.

La Orotava Patronal Festivities

From 9th June to 18th June
Orotava, La (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
Experience the magic of La Orotava's patronal festivities: tradition, religious devotion, and folklore come together in a unique celebration. Flower and volcanic rock carpets, pilgrimages, and cultural events await you in this charming municipality in Tenerife.

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