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Upcoming festivals

Rapa Das Bestas

From 1st July to 4th July
Estrada, A (Pontevedra)
Rapa Das Bestas
We invite you to discover an ancestral tradition in Sabucedo (Pontevedra) called Rapa Das Bestas, which consists of cutting the manes of wild horses and is celebrated from 1 to 4 July 2022.

The San Fermines

From 6th July to 14th July
Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)
The San Fermines
The festival of San Fermin is a celebration of great tourist interest that mobilizes all of Spain and takes place every year in Pamplona, Navarra and where the traditional celebration begins with the launch of the so-called 'Chupinazo' from the balcony of the town hall.

The Dance of the Stilts

From 21st July to 23rd July
Anguiano (Rioja, La)
The Dance of the Stilts
The Dance of the Stilts, is a popular traditional festival, which is celebrated in the town of Anguiano in La Rioja, Spain and which has been declared as an Intangible Cultural Property.

The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira

2nd August
Catoira (Pontevedra)
The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira
The Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira, is a traditional festival considered one of the most striking and spectacular in all of Galicia: fighting, costumes, crafts and lots of laughs.

Festival of the Rama in Agaete

4th August
Agaete (Palmas (Las))
Festival of the Rama in Agaete
In Agaete (Gran Canaria) we have a very cheerful, lively and colorful festival that is celebrated every August 4th, in honor of the Virgin of Las Nieves. It is the Fiesta de la Rama.

Festival Programs


From 8th July to 9th July
Santa María la Real de Nieva (Segovia)
Festival Program for 2022

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The San Fermines

From 6th July to 14th July
Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)
Since XII century

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