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Sant Antoni festivities in Barcelona

Sant Antoni festivities in Barcelona

From 13th January to 23rd January
Barcelona (Barcelona)
For Sant Antoni you can enjoy the best of Barcelona's culture at the Festes of Sant Antoni, with giants and big-heads, theatre, dance, concerts and activities for all ages.

Cubelles Medieval Fair

From 29th March to 31st March
Cubelles (Barcelona)
Craftsmanship, shows, and culture await you in this charming old town. Discover the Jewish origins of the Villa and live a unique experience in Catalonia. An unforgettable weekend awaits you!
Emérita Lúdica

Emérita Lúdica

From 29th May to 4th June
Mérida (Badajoz)
Discover the fascinating Roman world at Emérita Lúdica. Immerse yourself in historical reenactments, gladiator battles, Roman gastronomy, and cultural activities in Mérida. A unique experience filled with fun and knowledge.
Ducal Festival of Pastrana

Ducal Festival of Pastrana

From 14th July to 16th July
Pastrana (Guadalajara)
Immerse yourself in the charm of the Ducal Festival of Pastrana, where history comes to life with parades, theater, music, and medieval reenactments. Discover the essence of Spanish nobility from the 16th century in an unforgettable cultural event.

Manises Ceramic Festival

From 15th July to 16th July
Manises (Valencia)
Vibrant and colorful celebration showcasing the excellence and creativity of local ceramics through exhibitions, demonstrations, and cultural activities. Immerse yourself in the ancestral art of Manises.

Cultural week in Campo

From 3rd August to 11th August
Campo (Huesca)
Cultural week held the week before the town's main festivities. Each year the theme of the cultural week is different, with activities taking place every day of the week.

Cortelazor La Real National Painting Competition

5th August
Cortelazor (Huelva)
In Cortelazor La Real art meets in the street every year, in its National Open Air Painting Competition, open to everyone, with economic prizes and exhibition of works.
San Roque Patron Saint Festivities and Cultural and Sports Week

San Roque Patron Saint Festivities and Cultural and Sports Week

From 7th August to 17th August
Alboloduy (Almería)
The festivities in honour of the patron saint of San Roque start every year from the 14th to the 17th of August, with a Cultural and Sports week beforehand, which is characterised by a variety of activities for all the citizens.

Sounds of Teixeira

From 9th August to 19th August
Teixeira, A (Orense)
Concerts, circus, dance, adventure, gastronomy, cinema, wine tasting, kayak.... culture in the Ribeira Sacra!!!
La Mercé Festivities

La Mercé Festivities

From 23rd September to 26th September
Barcelona (Barcelona)
On the weekend around 24 September, the Mercé Festival is held in Barcelona to honour the Virgin of La Merced, patron saint of the city.
FLORA, Cordoba International Flower Festival

FLORA, Cordoba International Flower Festival

From 16th October to 26th October
Córdoba (Córdoba)
FLORA is an artistic event, which offers the opportunity to enjoy a unique and special cultural exchange, combining the traditionalism of Cordoba's courtyards with contemporary art.

Dijous Bo

14th November
Inca (Baleares)
A centuries-old celebration that combines tradition and fun. Originally a rural market, it is now a lively celebration with markets, games, and concerts. Its origin dates back to the 19th century and it is an emblematic event of the island.
Cervantine Days in Esquivias

Cervantine Days in Esquivias

From 6th December to 12th December
Esquivias (Toledo)
In Toledo it is a tradition to celebrate the wedding anniversary of its historical and illustrious neighbours, Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and his wife Catalina de Salazar y Palacios. We invite you to get to know and enjoy the Jornadas Cervantinas de Esquivias!

Upcoming festivals

The pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Viñas in Tomelloso

From 13th April to 21st April
Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
The pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Viñas in Tomelloso
Discover the spectacular green carriages, a mix of tradition and modernity. Days of togetherness and brotherhood around the Virgin of the Vine, with good food, traditional games, skill competitions, and folk performances.

Day of the Light

From 17th April to 17th April
Arroyo de la Luz (Cáceres)
Arroyo de la Luz celebrates the Day of the Light every Easter Monday in honor of the Patron Saint. Enjoy the excitement of horse racing, music, and traditional food at the town's most important festivity. Declared a Regional Tourist Interest Festival since 1997.

Water Monday in Salamanca

17th April
Salamanca (Salamanca)
Come to Salamanca and celebrate the Lunes de Aguas! Enjoy a day in the countryside with friends and family while tasting the delicious hornazo, a typical dish of the festivity. Discover the history behind this tradition that dates back to the 16th century. Don't miss it!

Medieval Week in Montblanc

From 19th April to 28th April
Montblanc (Tarragona)
Medieval Week in Montblanc
Immerse yourself in the medieval era in the beautiful city of Montblanc. Enjoy exciting knight shows and medieval dances, taste delicious delicacies at the craft market, and marvel at the historical monuments.

Pilgrimage of the Holy Face

20th April
Alicante/Alacant (Alicante)
Discover the pilgrimage of the Holy Face in Alicante, a centuries-old tradition full of emotion and devotion. Experience this unique event and discover the history and culture of the city at the same time.

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