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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

From 15th February to 26th February
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The most Brazilian Carnival in Spain is that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 15 days of joy, dance, fun and fun. The highlight: the fancy dress costumes at the Gala for the Election of the Queen of the Festivities.

Miguelturra Carnival

From 17th February to 26th February
Miguelturra (Ciudad Real)
Miguelturra Carnival
The Miguelturra Carnival is a fun experience in which you will be more than a spectator: costumes, masks and music fill every street of the town with colour and joy.

The Fallas of Valencia

From 26th February to 19th March
Valencia (Valencia)
The Fallas of Valencia
We invite you to enjoy a great traditional, joyful and colorful festival that takes place in the city of Valencia. The Fallas of Valencia are celebrated from March 15 to 19.

The Idus of March

13th March
Mara (Zaragoza)
The Idus of March
On the Idus of March, the locals dressed as warriors and sorceresses will offer you a show that is hard to forget.

Partir la Vieja in Arriate

14th March
Arriate (Málaga)
Partir la Vieja in Arriate
The Feast of “Partir la Vieja” brings the whole family together in the countryside to forget the fast and challenge the old Lent. A special occasion that is worth living and that you cannot miss!

Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley

From 17th March to 30th April
Jerte (Cáceres)
Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley
Dare to discover the secrets of the Valley of Spring, and don't miss the greatest natural spectacle, where more than one and a half million cherry trees dress in white in the Jerte Valley. Come and enjoy it!

Festivals with program

Águilas Carnival

From 2nd February to 24th February
Águilas (Murcia)
The Águilas Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in Spain, it was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2015, and lasts two weeks, are you going to miss it?
Festival Program for 2024

Xatonada Popular

25th February
Cubelles (Barcelona)
Indulge yourself with xató, a delicious Mediterranean sauce based on ñora peppers, almonds, and hazelnuts. Don't miss the Masters Xatonaires Contest and other surprises. A unique gastronomic experience you can't afford to miss.
Festival Program for 2024

Festival Programs

The Fallas of Gandía

From 19th February to 19th March
Gandia (Valencia)
Enjoy our Fallas monuments, float parades, paella contests, concerts, fireworks shows, and the burning of the Fallas monuments during 'Nit del Foc'. Furthermore, Gandía offers a rich history and culture with tourist attractions such as the Ducal Palace of the Borja family, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, Gandía Beach, and the Gandía Marsh Natural Park.

Jerez Flamenco Festival

From 24th February to 11th March
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
Don't miss the Jerez Flamenco Festival! Immerse yourself in the Andalusian culture and enjoy the best flamenco artists in a unique environment, surrounded by delicious gastronomy and wine. A unique experience that you cannot miss. #JerezFlamencoFestival

Arrival Festival

From 3rd March to 5th March
Baiona (Pontevedra)
A historical and cultural celebration that commemorates Columbus' arrival to America. With parades, historical representations, music, and gastronomy, it's a unique experience that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Come and discover the magic of this centuries-old festival in a wonderful seaside setting. #ArrivalFestival

Arzúa Cheese Festival

From 3rd March to 5th March
Arzúa (Coruña)
The Arzúa Cheese Festival celebrates the cheese-making tradition of the region and offers a unique gastronomic experience. It's an opportunity to taste the delicious Arzúa-Ulloa cheese and other local products, enjoy traditional music and dances, and get to know Galician culture in a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Gabarreros Festival in El Espinar

From 4th March to 12th March
Espinar, El (Segovia)
A unique celebration that combines tradition, culture and fun. It is an opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy, learn about the history and crafts of the area and enjoy a festive and cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for an authentic and memorable experience, don't miss this popular festival in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The Cincomarzada

5th March
Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
An entire program of outdoor activities takes place in Tío Jorge Park to celebrate how a whole city defended itself with whatever was at hand against an invasion.

International Vintage Car Rally Sitges - Barcelona

From 11th March to 12th March
Sitges (Barcelona)
Don't miss the exciting Sitges International Rally! Discover authentic automotive gems produced before 1928 and motorcycles up to 1938, on a challenging 46-kilometer route through a dreamy coastal layout. An unforgettable event for all classic car and competition lovers!

The Fallas of Alzira

From 15th March to 19th March
Alzira (Valencia)
The Fallas of Alzira are a unique cultural festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. They are known for their artistic monuments, music, and pyrotechnic shows. Local cuisine and craftsmanship are also attractive tourist features. An unforgettable experience that you can't miss.

The Fallas of Denia

From 17th March to 19th March
Dénia (Alicante)
Come and enjoy the Fallas of Denia! Discover its impressive cardboard and papier-mâché figures, its parades of marching bands and the spectacular burning of the fallas in a huge bonfire, a party not to be missed!

The Night of the Pepitas

From 18th March to 18th March
Ferrol (Coruña)
Experience a unique and beloved tradition in Ferrol's Fiesta de las Pepitas! Join the men in capes and hats as they roam the streets, singing and playing music with traditional instruments, and offer pepitas to women in exchange for food and drink. A must-see event attracting thousands of visitors each year!

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