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The Wine Fountain

The Wine Fountain

3rd February
Borriana/Burriana (Castellón)
Do you dream of a fountain from which the most exquisite wine flows? You don't have to keep dreaming, visit Burriana on the day of San Blas and enjoy the Font del Vi.
Stew Fair in Lalín

Stew Fair in Lalín

From 12th February to 12th February
Lalín (Pontevedra)
During the Cocido Fair in Lalín, the streets get dressed up to pay tribute to the characteristic dish of the local gastronomy. When you try it, you will be captivated.
Botillo Exaltation Festival

Botillo Exaltation Festival

13th February
Bembibre (León)
In February, Bembibre (León) celebrates the Festival of Exaltation of the Botillo, a typical sausage from El Bierzo which becomes the protagonist of the event.

Arzúa Cheese Festival

From 3rd March to 5th March
Arzúa (Coruña)
The Arzúa Cheese Festival celebrates the cheese-making tradition of the region and offers a unique gastronomic experience. It's an opportunity to taste the delicious Arzúa-Ulloa cheese and other local products, enjoy traditional music and dances, and get to know Galician culture in a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Cider Festival of Nava

From 7th July to 9th July
Nava (Asturias)
An iconic celebration honoring this beverage. With concerts, cider tastings, and notable events like the Escanciadores Contest, it attracts thousands of people each year. An unmissable experience for cider lovers.
Falces Garlic Day

Falces Garlic Day

From 29th July to 30th July
Falces (Navarra)
El Ajo Rojo de Falces has its own festival in July, with tastings, a craft market and brass bands, historical visits and many activities for all audiences.

Gazpacho de los 3 Golpes Festival

From 2nd August to 5th August
Alfarnatejo (Málaga)
Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest in Malaga, held on the first weekend in August in Alfarnatejo. With tasting of the product, market, exhibitions and artists who complete the day.

Popular dishes of thouse festivals

Photo: Turismo Asturias - Joaquín Fanjul


(Principado de Asturias)
Veal fillets stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded and fried. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. A delicacy of Asturian cuisine.

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Manchego Shepherd's Migas
Photo: Turismo Castilla La Mancha

Manchego Shepherd's Migas

(Castilla la Mancha)
Traditional Manchego dish. Crumbled bread, chorizo, bacon, and oil create a crispy texture and smoky flavor. It comforts the stomach and the spirit.

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Tired Donkey Soup Festival

From 4th August to 5th August
Muíños (Orense)
Declared a festival of tourist interest in Galicia. It consists of the tasting of the traditional dish made with bread, wine and sugar. There will be charangas, popular games, craft fair, Galician championship of carrilanas and orchestra.

Gijón Natural Cider Festival

From 19th August to 27th August
Gijón (Asturias)
The Festival that brings the summer to an exciting close with urban art, cider pouring courses, tastings, a world record for simultaneous pouring and a festive atmosphere that permeates the city. Immerse yourself in Asturian cider culture in a unique event.

Bandeira Empanada Festival

19th August
Silleda (Pontevedra)
Since 1974, this annual event, which began as a gathering of friends, celebrates the iconic Galician empanada with culinary contests, lively auctions and cultural performances. A culinary and festive event not to be missed.

Fiestas de la Vendimia y el Vino de Valdepeñas

From 31st August to 8th September
Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)
Tradición anual que celebra la cultura vinícola desde 1948. Pisa de la Uva, desfiles, conciertos y catas de vino en un escenario de tradición y sabor. Una de las principales fiestas del vino y vendimia en España.
Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival

From 3rd September to 18th September
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
We invite you to discover the Fiesta de la Vendimia in Jerez de la Frontera, a very popular festival in Andalusia in which activities related to wine take place.

Wine and tapas festival in Montilla

From 22nd September to 24th September
Montilla (Córdoba)
Wine tourism, gastronomy and crafts are the stars of a weekend that is set to be a special one for Montilla and which brings to a close a September packed with activities as part of the Fiesta de la Vendimia programme.
O Grove Seafood Festival

O Grove Seafood Festival

From 29th September to 12th October
Grove, O (Pontevedra)
The municipality of O Grove is known throughout Galicia as the cradle of good seafood, and the Seafood Festival is the perfect occasion to exalt these delicacies with seafood products.
Feast of Fabada

Feast of Fabada

From 30th September to 2nd October
Lourenzá (Lugo)
The Feast of Fabada is a gastronomic event that takes place in Galicia, Spain, and brings together thousands of people every year in the town of Lourenzá.
The First Cutting of the Honey in Ayora

The First Cutting of the Honey in Ayora

From 7th October to 9th October
Ayora (Valencia)
At the beginning of October, the Valencian town of Ayora celebrates the Primer Corte de la Miel, a gastronomic festival with many activities for all ages, based around its star product: honey.
Cazuelica and Wine Week

Cazuelica and Wine Week

From 7th October to 16th October
Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)
The Cazuelica and Wine Week is an excellent opportunity to taste exquisite mini-appetizers of stew at a very affordable price, served in casseroles and accompanied by Navarrese wines that are paired with them.

Toro Grape Harvest Festival

From 11th October to 15th October
Toro (Zamora)
This festival was born to formalise the series of sporadic performances that had been taking place year after year for decades. Wine tasting, regional dances, exhibitions, regional homemade wine competition and much more not to be missed.
Saffron Rose Festival in Consuegra

Saffron Rose Festival in Consuegra

From 20th October to 29th October
Consuegra (Toledo)
The Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafrán (Saffron Rose Festival) is held on the last weekend of October. It is a tradition in Consuegra (Toledo) to showcase the traditions of La Mancha culture.

Todesillas Tapas Competition

From 27th October to 30th October
Tordesillas (Valladolid)
A call open to all catering establishments in Tordesillas that usually prepare tapas and pinchos. Each establishment must present a Tapa, in which local and quality products must be given priority, and in addition, they must receive names from the saints' calendar.
Oseja de Sajambre Fair

Oseja de Sajambre Fair

28th October
Oseja de Sajambre (León)
Livestock, craft and gastronomic fair, highlighting local products made in the municipality itself, and cheese from the Picos de Europa region. It is held on 24 October or the following Saturday.
Chestnut Festival in Pujerra

Chestnut Festival in Pujerra

From 3rd November to 5th November
Pujerra (Málaga)
Dance and enjoy the music at the Chestnut Festival in Pujerra while tasting the dishes made with chestnuts, you won't believe how tasty they are!

Popular Toast Festival of Ojén

5th November
Ojén (Málaga)
Taste the best chestnuts, bacon and sausages, and enjoy activities and folk music. With the award of Fiesta de Singularidad Turística Provincial. It celebrates the tradition of roasting chestnuts, accompanied by brandy and traditional pitanzas. Since 1992.
The Orujo Festival

The Orujo Festival

From 11th November to 13th November
Potes (Cantabria)
The Orujo Festival is a popular tradition that takes place in Potes, Cantrabria on the second weekend of November and where one of the oldest and most popular liquors in this region of Spain is tasted.

Upcoming festivals

Christmas in Madrid

From 1st December to 6th January
Madrid (Madrid)
Christmas in Madrid
Explore charming markets full of surprises, marvel at the festive lights, skate in Plaza de Oriente, enjoy shows, and discover the Christmas essence in every corner.

Festivities of the Virgin in Yecla

From 5th December to 17th December
Yecla (Murcia)
Festivities of the Virgin in Yecla
The Fiestas de la Virgen in Yecla are an ancestral tradition that you cannot miss. Come and discover this beautiful festivity of the people of Yecla in honour of the Immaculate Conception.

Cervantine Days in Esquivias

From 6th December to 12th December
Esquivias (Toledo)
Cervantine Days in Esquivias
In Toledo it is a tradition to celebrate the wedding anniversary of its historical and illustrious neighbours, Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and his wife Catalina de Salazar y Palacios. We invite you to get to know and enjoy the Jornadas Cervantinas de Esquivias!

Festival of the Escobazos

From 7th December to 8th December
Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres)
Festival of the Escobazos
At the Festival of the Escobazos in Jarandilla, fire mixes with music in a hypnotic dance like a mantra. It will impress you!

Fiesta de los Rehiletes in Aracena

From 7th December to 7th December
Aracena (Huelva)
Fiesta de los Rehiletes in Aracena
Come and enjoy a splendid autumn night in Aracena. Every 7th of December the Fiesta de los Rehiletes is celebrated in Aracena, an ancient tradition with fire and magic, to the sound of the sizzling fireworks.

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