Floral festivals

Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley

Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley

From 17th March to 30th April
Jerte (Cáceres)
Dare to discover the secrets of the Valley of Spring, and don't miss the greatest natural spectacle, where more than one and a half million cherry trees dress in white in the Jerte Valley. Come and enjoy it!
May Crosses in Granada

May Crosses in Granada

From 1st May to 3rd May
Granada (Granada)
Come and experience the joy of spring at the May Crosses in Granada! Enjoy streets full of flowers, typical food, music, dance, and activities for the whole family. A festive celebration full of color and fun that you cannot miss.
Festival de los Patios Cordobeses

Festival de los Patios Cordobeses

From 4th May to 19th May
Córdoba (Córdoba)
The Festival of the 'Patios of Cordoba' takes place in May when the plants and flowers reach their greatest splendor and thousands of residents and visitors enjoy the beauty of the patios.

Tamarite de Litera Carpets

11th June
Tamarite de Litera (Huesca)
Carpets decorated with paint and flowers to add more color and splendor to this festival associated with Corpus Christi.
The Battle of Flowers in Laredo

The Battle of Flowers in Laredo

26th August
Blascosancho (Ávila)
On the last Friday in August, Laredo celebrates the Battle of Flowers, a festival where floats decorated with flowers compete to be the most colourful and best decorated, and music takes over the streets.
FLORA, Cordoba International Flower Festival

FLORA, Cordoba International Flower Festival

From 17th October to 27th October
Córdoba (Córdoba)
FLORA is an artistic event, which offers the opportunity to enjoy a unique and special cultural exchange, combining the traditionalism of Cordoba's courtyards with contemporary art.
Magic Autumn in the Ambroz Valley

Magic Autumn in the Ambroz Valley

From 28th October to 4th December
Hervás (Cáceres)
During the months of October and November the Magic Autumn is celebrated in the Ambroz Valley, a festival of national tourist interest that celebrates autumn in style in the north of the province of Cáceres.

Upcoming festivals

Emérita Lúdica

From 29th May to 4th June
Mérida (Badajoz)
Discover the fascinating Roman world at Emérita Lúdica. Immerse yourself in historical reenactments, gladiator battles, Roman gastronomy, and cultural activities in Mérida. A unique experience filled with fun and knowledge.

Caballada of Atenzia

31st May
Atienza (Guadalajara)
Caballada of Atenzia
The Caballada of Atienza, is an ancient tradition that takes place in Atienza where every year, on the last Sunday of Pentecost, a pilgrimage is made to the chapel of 'La Señora de La Estrella'.

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca

From 3rd June to 11th June
Daroca (Zaragoza)
Since the Middle Ages, this miracle has been celebrated during the Corpus in the major festivities of Daroca. In addition to attracting pilgrims to contemplate the relic, there is a rich program of festivities for all visitors.

Corpus Christi in Toledo

From 4th June to 11th June
Toledo (Toledo)
Discover Corpus Christi in Toledo: A historic procession full of tradition and faith, featuring beautiful floats and the impressive custodia by Enrique de Arfe. Experience a unique celebration in a city that fully embraces this sacred event.

Corpus Christi of Béjar and the Moss Men

From 9th June to 11th June
Béjar (Salamanca)
Experience the medieval legend of the moss-covered warriors who reconquered the city. Festival of National Tourist Interest with processions, camouflage with a green cloak. A symbol that is still alive today. A unique celebration with history, tradition and surprising costumes.

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