Festivals on September

Go through the festivals that we show you in September, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Festivities that had already started before

Malpartídate 2022

From 2nd July to 24th September
Malpartida de Cáceres (Cáceres)
If there is one thing that characterises Malpartida de Cáceres, it is its wide range of leisure and cultural activities throughout the year, but it is in summer when the greatest number of events take place. You are all invited to enjoy Malpartida de Cáceres and the people of Malpartida de Cáceres.

Villanueva del Ariscal's Grape Harvest Festival

From 26th August to 4th September
Villanueva del Ariscal (Sevilla)
A festival of Andalusian interest, created in 1954 with the aim of publicising the goodness of the wines obtained from the vineyards of Villanueva del Ariscal. Various events are organised prior to the treading of the grapes and the obtaining of the first must of the year. Another of the most significant moments takes place during the pilgrimage in honour of San Ginés, patron saint of viticulture.

Patron Saint Festivities of San Antolin in Palencia

From 26th August to 4th September
Palencia (Palencia)
Palencia celebrates its main festivities around the figure of its patron saint: San Antolín. To the sound of giants and big-headed figures, the tradition of going down to drink from the well in the crypt of the cathedral is united.

Festes del rei En Jaume

From 29th August to 11th September
Calvià (Baleares)
Many years have passed since 1229 and the bay of Santa Ponça, which saw the arrival of the Christian ships, welcomes the first fortnight of September, our festival, the joy of many Calvianeros, Mallorcans and visitors who come to relive this historic event in a collective and participative celebration.

Patron Saint and Moors and Christians Festivities in honour of the Virgin of Loreto in Santa Pola

From 31st August to 8th September
Santa Pola (Alicante)
Moors and Christians and Patron Saint Fiestas, with disembarkation, embassies, conquest and reconquest of Moors and Christians, parades, fireworks, floral offering to the patron saint, procession, children's games and sports competitions.

1st September

The Paloteo Dance of Longares

The Paloteo Dance of Longares

From 1st September to 8th September
Longares (Zaragoza)
If you want to experience on your skin the emotion of years of tradition to the sound of this hypnotic music to the rhythm of the sticks, you can't miss the Dance of the Paloteo de Longares, a unique experience!

Fiesta del Motín in Aranjuez

From 1st September to 5th September
Aranjuez (Madrid)
From September 1 to 5 is celebrated the Fiesta del Motín in Aranjuez, an exciting popular festival that recalls the historic Mutiny of Aranjuez.

San Antolin Fair and Festivities

From 1st September to 8th September
Medina del Campo (Valladolid)
Festivities in honour of San Antolin, patron saint of the town. The main attraction of the fiestas, declared to be of national interest, is the traditional running of the bulls. The whole atmosphere is surrounded by the warmth of the peñas, the concerts and the street market.

2nd September

Novés Medieval Fair

From 2nd September to 4th September
Novés (Toledo)
Medieval fair of touristic, social, cultural and historical interest, with a high level of participation by the associations of the town and residents of the municipality. Joy and fun in the town square, meeting place.

Patron Saint Festivities in Honour of the Mare de Déu in Agres

From 2nd September to 4th September
Agres (Alicante)
Patron saint festivities in which the Virgin is taken down from the sanctuary to the village on Saturday. And on Sunday it will return with the ascent. There will be parades and music to add colour to this celebration.

Santísimo Cristo de la Fe Major Festivities in Burguillos de Toledo

From 2nd September to 4th September
Burguillos de Toledo (Toledo)
Festivities with activities that include a wide range of cultural, festive, sporting and religious events. In addition to the traditional 'carretillas escapadas' and the famous 'baile de la bandera' (flag dance), there are several concerts by national artists.

Our Lady of Grace Patron Saint Festivities in Puertollano

From 2nd September to 8th September
Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
These festivities bring together many non-resident Puertollaneros and anyone who wants to enjoy a rich festive programme and the stalls at the fairgrounds. On the 8th, the Virgen de Gracia is carried in procession to her hermitage.

Alcorcón Festivities

From 2nd September to 11th September
Alcorcón (Madrid)
Patron saint festivities in honour of Our Lady of Remedies. Every year at the beginning of September we can enjoy concerts, parades and an endless number of activities.

Patron Saint Festivities in Honour of Our Lady Virgen de la Natividad

From 2nd September to 11th September
Cedillo del Condado (Toledo)
Festivities in honour of the patron saint of the village, the Virgen de la Natividad. Full of music and festivities, with bull runs through the village and the countryside.

Festivities of the Virgen de San Lorenzo in Valladolid

From 2nd September to 11th September
Valladolid (Valladolid)
Fair and Festivities of the Patron Saint of Valladolid, ten days of theatre, workshops, pyrotechnic shows and a good line-up of concerts, as well as a 'Day Fair'.

Yuncos Patron Saint Festivities

From 2nd September to 13th September
Yuncos (Toledo)
Patron saint festivities in honour of the Virgen del Consuelo, with all kinds of festive events, attractions, shows, fireworks, orchestras, concerts, running of the bulls, bull running with the bulls... not to be missed.

3rd September

Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival

From 3rd September to 18th September
Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
We invite you to discover the Fiesta de la Vendimia in Jerez de la Frontera, a very popular festival in Andalusia in which activities related to wine take place.

4th September

Moors and Christians Festivities in Villena

Moors and Christians Festivities in Villena

From 4th September to 9th September
Villena (Alicante)
In September the Moors and Christians festivities are held in Villena, of National Tourist Interest, in honour of their patron saint, the Virgen de las Virtudes, who freed the city from the plague.

5th September

Entrance of bulls and horses of Segorbe

Entrance of bulls and horses of Segorbe

From 5th September to 11th September
Segorbe (Castellón)
The Entrada de Toros y Caballos de Segorbe is a spectacle that attracts thousands of spectators, who come to see how several riders skillfully guide a herd of bulls, without the presence of protective structures.

Fiestas in Honour of the Virgen de Las Saleras in Los Navalucillos

From 5th September to 10th September
Navalucillos, Los (Toledo)
These are the big fiestas in our municipality as they are in honour of our patron saint, the Santísima Virgen de Las Saleras. We have events for everyone, but above all for the village clubs: competitions, processions, cabezudos, fireworks...

6th September

The Cascamorras

The Cascamorras

6th September
Guadix (Granada)
The Cascamorras, is a festivity that is celebrated every year in Guadix and Baza, two cities in the province of Granada in Spain and whose purpose is the dispute of the statue of the Virgen de la Piedad.

Guadalupe Patron Saint Festivities

From 6th September to 9th September
Guadalupe (Cáceres)
Patron saint festivities of Guadalupe in September, with the Day of the Guadalupes, the procession and floral offering to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Patron Saint of Extremadura and Queen of Hispanidad.

Fairs and Festivities in honour of Our Lady of the Baths in Fuencaliente

From 6th September to 10th September
Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real)
Fuencaliente's 'big' fiesta with sporting events and popular games such as petanca, truque and cinquillo. Coronation of queens and ladies, traditional popular festivities such as the parade of Cabezudos and Charanga, breaking of pans and burning of the Toro de Fuego (Bull of Fire).

Mijas Fair

From 6th September to 11th September
Mijas (Málaga)
Festivity in honour of the patron saint of the town, the Virgen de la Peña. Five days of fair with concerts, parades and a daytime fair.

7th September

Devil's Dance of Tijarafe

Devil's Dance of Tijarafe

From 7th September to 8th September
Tijarafe (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
We invite you to discover and enjoy the magical Devil's Dance in Tijarafe, a fun and explosive festival that has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and is part of the Fiestas de la Candelaria.
Festivities of Our Lady of Vega in Haro

Festivities of Our Lady of Vega in Haro

From 7th September to 10th September
Haro (Rioja, La)
The patron saint festivities of Haro are celebrated on September 8 in honor of the Virgen de la Vega, with processions, offerings and the traditional Rosary of Lanterns, declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

Albacete Fair

From 7th September to 17th September
Albacete (Albacete)
Declared of International Tourist Interest, this fair has more than three centuries of history. With a fairground in the shape of a frying pan, linked to its beginnings as a livestock fair. Its programme of activities is first class. It is sure to surprise you.

8th September

Virgen de la Mina Festivity in Almadén

From 8th September to 8th September
Almadén (Ciudad Real)
Festivities in honour of the patron saint of La Mina in Almadén. There are stew competitions, popular street parties, processions and fireworks. Not to be missed.

La Puebla de Cazalla Fair and Festivities

From 8th September to 11th September
Puebla de Cazalla, La (Sevilla)
A special Fair held in one of the last romantic style parks in the province of Seville. It began as a Livestock Fair and became, like all the fiestas, an event eagerly awaited by the Moors and all the visitors who come to enjoy this farewell to summer with us.

Tamarite de Litea Major Festivities

From 8th September to 11th September
Tamarite de Litera (Huesca)
The illusion returns in Tamarite de Litera, as every September, to celebrate its main festivities in honour of the Virgen del Patrocinio. With a programme full of events for all ages.

Lucena Valley Fair

From 8th September to 11th September
Lucena (Córdoba)
Once again, when the summer is on the horizon and the nights are looking for silent suspicions of autumnal airs, almost without realising it, we are about to open the portico of our Feria Real.

Patron Saint Festivities of Riaza

From 8th September to 18th September
Riaza (Segovia)
Patron saint fiestas in honour of the Virgen del Manto, with a programme of activities full of races, trophies, championships, masses, bullfights, children's games, dances, open-air dances, bull runs and children's activities. For everyone who comes to enjoy it.

9th September

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Carrasca

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Carrasca

From 9th September to 12th September
Villahermosa (Ciudad Real)
In Villahermosa the Pilgrimage of the Carrasca is celebrated, where devotion meets fun in a privileged place: the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Carrasca.

Virgen de las viñas patron saint festival in Aranda de Duero

From 9th September to 18th September
Aranda de Duero (Burgos)
The cannon shot kicks off the Patron Saint Fiestas of Aranda de Duero, followed in the afternoon by the Pilgrimage of the Virgin. With activities including a magic festival, concerts, orchestras, parades of giants and big-heads...

11th September

Móstoles Patron Saint Festivities

From 11th September to 15th September
Móstoles (Madrid)
Móstoles, as a city of solidarity, opens its doors to everyone who wants to share the joy of celebrating the Patron Saint's Festivities. Concerts, Encierros, liturgical acts around the Patron Saint, Medieval market and activities for the little ones.

12th September

The Mojiganga of Graus

From 12th September to 15th September
Graus (Huesca)
In the festivities of San Vicente Ferrer a rich range of traditions, dances and a review of what has happened in the last year with the Mojiganga.

Festivities in honour of the Santo Cristo and San Vicente Ferrer of Graus

From 12th September to 15th September
Graus (Huesca)
These festivities are a festive universe made up of unique events due to the anthropological richness of their traditional rites. Of particular note are the cabezudos, giants, caretas and caballez, the satire of the Mojiganga, the traditional Pllega, or the singing of the Albadas.

Festivity of the Santísimo Cristo de las Maravillas in Los Navalmorales

From 12th September to 18th September
Navalmorales, Los (Toledo)
A very complete festival for all ages. Parades of floats and costume troupes, and the ascent to La Cucaña 'in search of the ham' are some of the highlights. There will also be gunpowder, music and open-air dances.

13th September

Festivities of the Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz in Cózar

From 13th September to 18th September
Cózar (Ciudad Real)
Patron saint festivities that bring together several ancestral traditions that you have to discover, such as El Toro de Fuego (The Bull of Fire), foot-tackle carts, and Las Tacillas, a unique game of chance that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 14th century.

Festivities in Honour of the Cristo de la Luz in Garciotum

From 13th September to 14th September
Garciotum (Toledo)
Festival in honour of the Christ of Light, organised by the Town Hall and the Brotherhood of the Vera Cruz. Floral offering and procession of the Christ, popular meal with prior registration, and music for everyone.

Festivities of La Cruz in Fuenmayor

From 13th September to 18th September
Fuenmayor (Rioja, La)
Fuenmayor's main festivities with numerous events of all kinds. They are held from the eve of the Day of the Cross until the following Sunday, when the traditional Jira Campestre is held to close the festivities, where you can enjoy tastings, open-air dances, children's games and countless other activities....

Ecija Fair

From 13th September to 18th September
Écija (Sevilla)
For six days the city is decked out with its Real and its porticoes to offer the best to the visitor, and to be a nexus of union with those who left in search of a better life. Good music will always be present.

14th September

Fuenlabrada Festivities

From 14th September to 18th September
Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
Festivities in honour of the Cristo de la Misericordia. Every year with an outstanding line-up of concerts, sports competitions, parades, charangas. There are also bull runs and a daytime fair.

Go through the festivals that we show you in September, surely there is one that will surprise you.

Upcoming festivals

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca

From 3rd June to 11th June
Daroca (Zaragoza)
Since the Middle Ages, this miracle has been celebrated during the Corpus in the major festivities of Daroca. In addition to attracting pilgrims to contemplate the relic, there is a rich program of festivities for all visitors.

Corpus Christi in Toledo

From 4th June to 11th June
Toledo (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Toledo
Discover Corpus Christi in Toledo: A historic procession full of tradition and faith, featuring beautiful floats and the impressive custodia by Enrique de Arfe. Experience a unique celebration in a city that fully embraces this sacred event.

Corpus Christi in Camuñas

From 7th June to 11th June
Camuñas (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Camuñas
Discover the magic of Corpus Christi in Camuñas with the impressive Pecados y Danzantes, the procession, and the cultural and gastronomic richness of this unique celebration. Experience an unforgettable experience.

Patum de Berga

From 7th June to 11th June
Berga (Barcelona)
Patum de Berga
Experience the magic of a traditional festival filled with music, dances, and theatrical performances. Enjoy mystical figures, fire dances, and a unique atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the history of this UNESCO-recognized celebration.

La Orotava Patronal Festivities

From 9th June to 18th June
Orotava, La (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
Experience the magic of La Orotava's patronal festivities: tradition, religious devotion, and folklore come together in a unique celebration. Flower and volcanic rock carpets, pilgrimages, and cultural events await you in this charming municipality in Tenerife.

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