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Seville April Fair

Seville April Fair

From 23rd April to 29th April
Sevilla (Sevilla)
For a week, the city is transformed into a real party with music, dance and good food. Visitors enjoy the atmosphere, dress up in traditional costumes, taste the typical gastronomy and dance sevillanas all night long. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of the Seville Fair!
Archidona Dog Fair

Archidona Dog Fair

From 5th May to 7th May
Archidona (Málaga)
Are you a dog lover? Then you can't miss this fair, with sales of hunting and companion dogs, dog shows, beauty and skills contests, dog-related products, and the opportunity to meet experts.
San Isidro Festivities in Estepona

San Isidro Festivities in Estepona

From 9th May to 15th May
Estepona (Málaga)
Celebrate with us the festivities of the patron saint of the city. During these days, all kinds of participatory activities take place in which the people of Estepona show their joy to the world. To make sure you don't miss any of them, check the schedule of activities. Long live San Isidro!

Osuna Fair

From 15th May to 19th May
Osuna (Sevilla)
Discover the best of Osuna in our fair: music, gastronomy, attractions and fun for the whole family, we are waiting for you!

El Palo Fair and Virgin of Carmen

From 13th July to 16th July
Málaga (Málaga)
Fair with stalls set up in the Plaza del Padre Ciganda, with activities both during the day and at night, and the traditional maritime land procession. With street fair stalls and attractions for young and old in the Plaza de La Milagrosa.

Veladas and Festivities of La Línea de la Concepción

From 14th July to 23rd July
Línea de la Concepción, La (Cádiz)
Enjoy 10 days of a festive atmosphere, the aroma of manzanilla (a type of sherry), and flamenco dresses at any time of the day at the Veladas y Fiestas de La Línea in Cádiz.

San Bernardo Patron Saint Festivities in Alzira

From 14th July to 23rd July
Alzira (Valencia)
A celebration filled with tradition, culture, and devotion. Enjoy contests, music, fireworks, and activities for the whole family. Don't miss out on this prominent event in the region.

Popular dishes of thouse festivals

Photo: Turismo Asturias - Joaquín Fanjul


(Principado de Asturias)
Veal fillets stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded and fried. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. A delicacy of Asturian cuisine.

Where to eat the best cachopo?

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(Comunidad Valenciana)
Primeros platos
Similar to paella but with short strands of fine pasta. Seafood, saffron, and garlic enhance its flavor. Mediterranean delight.

Where to eat the best fideuá?

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Apostle's Festivities in Santiago de Compostela

From 20th July to 31st July
Santiago de Compostela (Coruña)
A historical celebration filled with music, color, and devotion in honor of Santiago. Floral offering, processions, concerts, fireworks, and more. A unique experience in Galicia. #ApostlesFestivities.

Patron Saint Festivals of La Roda de Albacete

From 27th July to 6th August
Roda, La (Albacete)
La Roda celebrates its Fiestas Mayores in honour of El Salvador, around the 6th of August. 9 days full of fun and festive activities including the Literary Gala, the Procession of the patron saint 'El Salvador' and floats, concerts.

Manzanares el Real Festivities

From 3rd August to 7th August
Manzanares el Real (Madrid)
Manzanares el Real awaits you with exciting concerts, lively open-air dances, thrilling contests, and passionate sports competitions. Feel the fun in every moment.

White Fair in Vitoria

From 4th August to 9th August
Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)
The Feria de Vitoria is back, with its barracas, tombolas, traditional food stalls and attractions. The fairs known as the Ferias de la Blanca are eagerly awaited this year by residents and tourists who come to enjoy themselves.

Patron Saint Festivities of Virgen de la Asunción in Pinto

From 9th August to 15th August
Pinto (Madrid)
August festivities in Pinto, a cultural and religious celebration in honor of Virgen de la Asunción. Concerts, processions, dance, fireworks, and gastronomic delights. Festive atmosphere and fun for all ages.
August Festivities in Elche

August Festivities in Elche

From 9th August to 16th August
Elche/Elx (Alicante)
A lively blend of culture, music, and tradition. Enjoy colorful parades, concerts, contests, and the iconic 'Nit de l'Albà', where the sky lights up with fireworks like the "Palmera de la Virgen," followed by the tradition of eating watermelon.

Fair and Festivities of El Castillo de las Guardas

From 11th August to 13th August
Castillo de las Guardas, El (Sevilla)
El Castillo de las Guardas is decked out every year in August to celebrate its Fair and Festivities. With great enthusiasm and a programme of activities that will delight locals and visitors alike. Concerts, children's shows and bullfighting festivities.

Leganés Festivities

From 11th August to 16th August
Leganés (Madrid)
Fiestas in honour of Our Lady of Butarque, with a good line-up of concerts, fireworks, orchestras and a day dedicated to the little ones.

Malaga Fair

From 12th August to 19th August
Málaga (Málaga)
The Malaga Fair returns every August with a programme full of colour and joy, both in the Centre and in the Real: concerts, stalls, attractions and lots of partying. Long live the Malaga Fair!
Xativa Fair

Xativa Fair

From 15th August to 20th August
Xàtiva (Valencia)
Centennial celebration with a variety of cultural activities, concerts, contests, and bullfighting festivities. Highlighting the 'Canto de Albaes' and 'Festival de la Cançó', an attractive event that attracts locals and tourists every August.

Benicarló Patron Saint Festivities

From 18th August to 27th August
Benicarló (Castellón)
Patron Saint Festivities in honor of Saint Bartholomew. Immerse yourself in Mediterranean magic: concerts, theater, contests, seafood and land gastronomy, music, and fires that light up the night. Experience tradition with passion and joy.

San Agustín fairs and festivities in Toro

From 18th August to 28th August
Toro (Zamora)
Fairs and festivities in honour of the patron saint San Agustín, with sporting and cultural events, concerts, bullfighting festivities, children's activities, popular open-air dances, parade of peñas, grandiose and spectacular parade of floats. Joy and fun guaranteed.

Antequera August Royal Fair

From 23rd August to 27th August
Antequera (Málaga)
One of the oldest fairs in Spain, the Real Feria de Agosto de Antequera is celebrated with a very interesting concert program, don't miss it!

Coto de Bornos Fair

From 24th August to 27th August
Bornos (Cádiz)
A small family festival but with a large influx of people from neighbouring villages as it is the first in the sierra after the summer.

Festivities of the Virgen de San Lorenzo in Valladolid

From 1st September to 10th September
Valladolid (Valladolid)
Fair and Festivities of the Patron Saint of Valladolid, ten days of theatre, workshops, pyrotechnic shows and a good line-up of concerts, as well as a 'Day Fair'.

Yuncos Patron Saint Festivities

From 1st September to 12th September
Yuncos (Toledo)
Patron saint festivities in honour of the Virgen del Consuelo, with all kinds of festive events, attractions, shows, fireworks, orchestras, concerts, running of the bulls, bull running with the bulls... not to be missed.

Alcorcón Festivities

From 2nd September to 11th September
Alcorcón (Madrid)
Patron saint festivities in honour of Our Lady of Remedies. Every year at the beginning of September we can enjoy concerts, parades and an endless number of activities.

Tarifa Royal Fair

From 3rd September to 10th September
Tarifa (Cádiz)
It is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. The fairground comes to life with special lighting and the hustle and bustle of the booths, extending until the following Sunday. The arrival of the Virgin of the Light, preceded by the centuries-old Agricultural Parade and riders, is a massive spectacle.

Mijas Fair

From 5th September to 10th September
Mijas (Málaga)
Festivity in honour of the patron saint of the town, the Virgen de la Peña. Five days of fair with concerts, parades and a daytime fair.

Utrera Fair

From 6th September to 10th September
Utrera (Sevilla)
With its infectious joy, discover this vibrant fair featuring flamenco dancing, concerts, booths, and delicious cuisine. This celebration immerses you fully in Andalusian culture.

Guadalupe Patron Saint Festivities

From 6th September to 9th September
Guadalupe (Cáceres)
Patron saint festivities of Guadalupe in September, with the Day of the Guadalupes, the procession and floral offering to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Patron Saint of Extremadura and Queen of Hispanidad.

Albacete Fair

From 7th September to 17th September
Albacete (Albacete)
Declared of International Tourist Interest, this fair has more than three centuries of history. With a fairground in the shape of a frying pan, linked to its beginnings as a livestock fair. Its programme of activities is first class. It is sure to surprise you.

Lucena Valley Fair

From 7th September to 10th September
Lucena (Córdoba)
Once again, when the summer is on the horizon and the nights are looking for silent suspicions of autumnal airs, almost without realising it, we are about to open the portico of our Feria Real.

Móstoles Patron Saint Festivities

From 11th September to 16th September
Móstoles (Madrid)
Móstoles, as a city of solidarity, opens its doors to everyone who wants to share the joy of celebrating the Patron Saint's Festivities. Concerts, Encierros, liturgical acts around the Patron Saint, Medieval market and activities for the little ones.

Ecija Fair

From 12th September to 17th September
Écija (Sevilla)
For six days the city is decked out with its Real and its porticoes to offer the best to the visitor, and to be a nexus of union with those who left in search of a better life. Good music will always be present.

Fuenlabrada Festivities

From 13th September to 17th September
Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
Festivities in honour of the Cristo de la Misericordia. Every year with an outstanding line-up of concerts, sports competitions, parades, charangas. There are also bull runs and a daytime fair.

San Mateo Festivities in Oviedo

From 15th September to 24th September
Oviedo (Asturias)
Marking the beginning of the academic year, its program stands out for concerts, opera at the Campoamor Theater, and children's activities at the Campo de San Francisco, with traditions like the pilgrimage and the 'bollo preñado' meal. Don't miss out on the nightlife in the old town and the fireworks at the Winter Park.

Yecla Fair

From 15th September to 24th September
Yecla (Murcia)
Discover in Yecla a vibrant fusion of religious traditions and profane festivities. Immerse yourself in its rich culture through concerts, attractions, and exquisite gastronomy.

Lorca Fair

From 15th September to 24th September
Lorca (Murcia)
From the third weekend of September, enjoy concerts, dances, children's games, and delicious cuisine. At Huerto de la Rueda. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

San Miguel festivities in Las Rozas

From 16th September to 3rd October
Rozas de Madrid, Las (Madrid)
Festive activities for all audiences, in which apart from the great line-up of concerts, the medieval market, parades of floats, championships and popular meals stand out. Come and enjoy it!
Festivities of San Mateo in Logroño

Festivities of San Mateo in Logroño

From 17th September to 23rd September
Logroño (Rioja, La)
The Fiestas of San Mateo in Logroño begin on the Saturday before 21 September, with many fun activities, such as tastings, parades of floats, grape treading, fireworks, bullfights, open-air dances and much more.

San Miguel Fair in Vélez-Málaga

From 26th September to 1st October
Vélez-Málaga (Málaga)
A fair of reference in the Axarquia region, where you should not miss the verdiales and regional dances. The daytime fair and its "casetas" is another ingredient that make these festivities great.
Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos

Pilgrimage and Fair of San Miguel in Torremolinos

From 28th September to 2nd October
Torremolinos (Málaga)
The month of September every year the Romería y Feria de San Miguel takes place in Torremolinos, a special event on the Costa del Sol, which is complemented by wonderful weather, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Upcoming festivals

Paso del Fuego and Móndidas

23rd June
San Pedro Manrique (Soria)
Paso del Fuego and Móndidas
On June 23 El Paso del Fuego and Móndidas, is celebrated in San Pedro in Soria, where a large crowd of people to carry out an ancestral event that consists of an initiatory ritual to achieve immortality.

The Compromise of Caspe

From 23rd June to 25th June
Caspe (Zaragoza)
For three days, a medieval town in Caspe is reenacted to exemplify the pact that resolved the lack of an heir to the crown in an exemplary manner. With a rich program of recreational and cultural activities.

Isil Bonfires Festival

From 23rd June to 25th June
Alt Àneu (Lérida)
Isil Bonfires Festival
Come and enjoy a magical celebration in Isil, to celebrate the summer solstice. The fallaires of the village bring down the fire from the mountains, light the bonfires, and start the 'pla' dance. Join us!

Bonfires of San Juan in La Coruña

23rd June
Coruña, A (Coruña)
Bonfires of San Juan in La Coruña
Come to know and enjoy a warm festival with bonfires, sardines and music, the best combination! This is the Bonfires of San Juan de La Coruña in Galicia, Spain.

Yeguas Round-up in Almonte

26th June
Almonte (Huelva)
Come to Almonte and experience this centuries-old tradition, enjoy the beauty of horses and mares in their natural habitat, in the Doñana marshes. A unique livestock event that you shouldn't miss.

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