The Three Wise Men Parade in Alcoy

The Three Wise Men Parade in Alcoy
It celebrates: 5th January
Place: Alcoy/Alcoi (Alicante)
Category: Representation
Popularity: (****) 4/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Alcoy City Council
Known start date: Since 1885
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest (since 2001), Asset of Cultural Interest (since 2011)
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Everyone looks forward to the 5th of January to witness an event full of joy and magic, the Three Wise Men Parade in Alcoy, one of the oldest and most special in Spain. Find out why!

Why is Alcoy's Three Wise Men Parade one of the most special in Spain?

The Alcoy Three Kings Parade is an event that maintains the magic of its simplicity, not to mention the teamwork of the Alcoy citizens who are responsible for representing the pages, torchbearers, escorts and servants, who are characters that give life to this representation.

As well as the floats, decorated carriages, musical bands, in short, all play a valuable role in giving that warmth and brightness that offer a welcoming atmosphere for the visit of Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, the Three Wise Men, who make their journey on elegant camels.

Alcoy's parade is special, watch it in this video

But the excitement of everyone, especially the little ones, is not limited to watching all this spectacle, in fact, the Three Kings Parade in Alcoy stands out because the pages of the kings use ladders to climb to the balconies of the houses and leave hundreds of gifts during the tour.

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Then, the entourage of the kings arrive at the square, descend from their camels and walk to the nativity scene, and just at the moment when the adoration of the Baby Jesus takes place, everyone present will enjoy the fireworks and the performance of Handel's Messiah.

Origin of the Three Kings Cavalcade of Alcoy

The first celebration of the Three Kings Cavalcade of Alcoy took place in 1866, however, many define as the origin of this celebration the year 1885, when the celebration was held continuously, every year, except on some occasions, due to conditions of relevance.

In any case, one of the most outstanding qualities of this celebration is that Alcoy can boast of being the scene of one of the oldest festivals in the country, and perhaps, in the world.

What else is there to see in Alcoy?

If you are going to see the fabulous Three Kings Parade in Alcoy, try to stay in this welcoming city long enough to visit these beautiful places.

  • Ancient Walls: take a walk in search of the city's architectural gems, which date back to ancient times, such as the Na Valora Tower or the Pont de Buidaoli, the latter being one of the oldest in the city.
  • Modernism route in Alcoy: when you walk along this route, you will have the opportunity to admire up to 24 buildings, which stand out for their architecture based on modernism, under the direction of the architects Vicente Pascual Pastor and Timoteo Briet Montaud.
  • Parc Natural de la Serra de Mariola: one of the most renowned natural areas of the city, which stands out for its aromatic herbs and multiple fountains. Besides, it offers many routes, to go on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. An excellent option if you are looking for a natural environment.

Gastronomy in Alcoy

One of the main qualities of Alcoy is its devotion to traditions and customs, even in the culinary world. For this reason, we recommend that when you see the Three Wise Men Parade in Alcoy, don't hesitate to try some of these delicious dishes.

  • Olleta alcoyana: also known as olleta de los músicos. It is a dish that is prepared all year round and consists of beans, pork, black pudding and rice.
  • Bajoques rellenas (stuffed red peppers): the peppers are called "bajoques", so this delicious dish consists of red peppers stuffed with rice and pork, very aromatic and with an intense flavour.
  • Mantecats de Nadal (Christmas cakes): these sweets are made of small toasted panels baked in the oven with a little sugar and cinnamon. They are a must in celebrations such as the Three Kings Parade in Alcoy.

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