Cider Festival of Nava

It celebrates: From 7th July to 9th July
Place: Nava (Asturias)
Category: Gastronomic
Popularity: (***) 3/5
Organize: Nava City Council
Known start date: Since 1969
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest (since 1989)
Free TastingsNational Tourist InterestCider
Reading time: 2 minutes and a half

About the Cider Festival

The Cider Festival of Nava is an emblematic celebration that pays homage to this beverage in the town of Nava, Asturias. Since its creation in 1969 by Mayor José María Caso Mayor, it has become one of the most important festivals in the region. Declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 1989, the festival attracts thousands of people each year. Over several days on the second weekend of July, concerts, cider tastings, and various cultural activities related to Asturias take place.

Nava, located in the Cider Region, is the perfect setting for this event. The town boasts numerous apple orchards, cider mills, and cider bars, producing over 10 million liters of natural cider annually. Here, the cider industry has flourished, establishing cider with a designation of origin and creating new varieties such as sparkling ciders, cider brandies, vinegars, and musts. Visitors can also explore the Asturian Cider Museum.

The Cider Festival stands out for its iconic events, including the Opening Speech delivered by a notable Asturian, the Selection Tasting of the Best Natural Cider of Asturias, and the International Escanciadores Contest. During the festival, thousands of liters of cider can be tasted for free, thanks to the Association of Cider Mills. Attendees can tour the renowned cider route, sampling cider at various stalls and pairing it with cheeses, cured meats, empanadas, and other traditional regional dishes. The contests for the Best Natural Cider and the Cider Escanciadores draw renowned participants.

While the traditional "cider route" was once part of the festival, it has been removed from the program. Instead, free cider tastings are offered at the cider mill stalls, poured in the traditional manner. This decision has generated mixed opinions, as some believe that a characteristic aspect of the festival has been lost, while others argue that the quality of the freely offered cider has improved.

The Cider Festival of Nava is an emblematic celebration that honors cider and attracts thousands of people each year. With notable events like the Opening Speech, Selection Tasting, and Escanciadores Contest, attendees can enjoy the rich cider culture of Asturias. While the cider route has been eliminated, the free tastings allow visitors to sample seasonal cider and experience Asturian tradition in a festive and lively atmosphere.

What to See in Nava

In addition to attending the Cider Festival, there are several places worth visiting in Nava, Asturias. Here are some of them:

  • Asturian Cider Museum: This museum immerses you in the history and production process of cider. You can discover the ancient tools used, learn about traditions, and enjoy interactive exhibits. It's a perfect place to understand the cultural importance of cider in the region.
  • Apple Orchards, Cider Mills, and Cider Bars: Nava is known for having a large number of apple orchards where apples are grown for cider production. You'll also find cider mills where cider is made and cider bars where you can taste it accompanied by traditional Asturian dishes.
  • Cider Route: In addition to the festival, you can explore the famous Cider Route of Nava. This route will take you from cider bar to cider bar, where you can sample different varieties of cider and enjoy local gastronomy such as cheeses, cured meats, and empanadas. It's an authentic way to immerse yourself in the cider culture of the region.
  • Natural Surroundings: Nava is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes with green fields and mountains. If you're a nature lover, you can take advantage of the opportunity to go hiking or take excursions in the surroundings, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of the Asturian region.

These are just some of the things you can see and enjoy in Nava. Whether you're a cider enthusiast, a culture lover, or a nature explorer, this Asturian town has a lot to offer you.

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