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Moors and Christians in Bocairent

It celebrates: 5th February
Place: Bocairent (Valencia)
Category: Historical
Type: Moors and Christians
Popularity: (***) 3/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Bocairent City Council
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest
Tiempo de lectura: 1 minuto y medio

The Moors and Christians festival in Bocairent, Valencia, is an event of National Tourist Interest, where a special tribute to Sant Blai is paid.

What is the festival about?

It is an event of great majesty, which combines color, live music, beautiful costumes and lots of gunpowder to provide participants with a festivity full of entertainment, that will undoubtedly remain in the imagination of all attendees.

This festivity takes place over several days, starting on Friday with the participants wearing the traditional Bocairentina blanket. On Saturday the traditional parade begins, both of the Moors and the Christians.

Sunday is the most significant for the attendees, since the Sant Blai procession takes place. The next day, the Moors and Christians will start the contest to conquer the Castle, accompanied by the effects of gunpowder and finally, on Tuesday, the "Despojo del Moro" will take place, a colorful musical act.

Origin of this festivity

The origin of this festival dates back to the battles that took place during the Reconquest, when the Christians of the kingdoms of Spain managed to conquer the domains occupied by the Moors (Muslim people).

Also, it refers to the Saracen rebellions, the expulsion of the Moors and the continuous attacks of the Berber pirates, all these events that occurred during the seventeenth century.

What to do in Bocairent?

Bocairent is a town located in Valencia, Spain, which invites the traveler to an authentic adventure such as the famous Les Covets dels Moros route. It is a paradisiacal and mysterious place, full of caves and secret passages with years of history.

During the tour you can also visit the Hermitage of Santo Cristo, with a beautiful stone bell tower. Another place to visit is the Old Town that, without a doubt, will make you feel as if you are part of its historical past.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy its excellent gastronomy, you cannot stop savoring the delicious "gazpacho de la Mariola, the stew, the olleta" or the wide variety of sweets, which can be accompanied with the "herbero", an exquisite liquor made from anise and different herbs from the Sierra.

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