Carnival of Verín

Carnival of Verín
It celebrates: From 8th February to 13th February
Place: Verín (Orense)
Category: Carnival
Popularity: (****) 4/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Verín City Council
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest (2009)
Peculiar CostumesNational Tourist InterestMasksUrban
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The Verín Carnival is a festival of National Tourist Interest, which this year will take place from February 4 to 21, 2021. During the celebration different events are held, each one full of adventure, fun and much entertainment.

What is the festival about?

This is a festival where some colorful characters called Los Cigarrones, who dressed in very particular and colorful costumes and wearing masks begin to chase the locals with a whip in hand, to encourage them to participate and this is part of the show.

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Each day of the carnival has a particular name, starting with Compadres Thursday, followed by Corredorio Sunday, Comadres Thursday and the rest of the Carnival days, then Ash Wednesday will come and culminating with Piñata Sunday, where the famous "Pescadilla" prize is awarded in honor of the renowned singer and composer of flamenco music.

Weeks of fun and gastronomic feasts with delicacies such as "cachucha", "lacón" and desserts such as "bica blanca" and "torta de cigarrón",
not forgetting the Monterrei Denomination of Origin wine and coffee liqueur.

Chocas, drums, foliones go around the village announcing our Carnival, they are the sounds of winter in the south of the province of Ourense and the announcement of the arrival of our most popular festival, declared of National Tourist Interest.

Pipe bands, floats, brass bands and troupes parade through the town of Verín arousing the interest of visitors and involving all those who want to know the most deeply rooted festival of Verín.

The Figure of the Cigarrón

It is the most characteristic and archaic mask of the Verín region. The Cigarrón parades through the town of Verín showing all his splendour. He enjoys immunity and must not be touched.

Legend describes him as a tax collector or hunter for the Counts of Monterrei. This is no more than a legend, to be understood almost anecdotally. Its real origin is still an enigma for many researchers who want to unveil its past, which surely goes back to the origins of human beings in ceremonial rites.

Origin of this festivity

The origin of this festival is not very clear since there are no records or documentation to support it, however, it is believed that its origins are in the purification rites performed by cattlemen during the pre-roman period.

Later, after the civil war, it was achieved that these celebrations were carried out through some special permits. It is from the year 1944 and thanks to the mayor of the town of Verín that this could become a reality. As of 2009, the carnival has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

What to do in Verín?

Visiting Verín is being ecstatic with the beauty of a town where the most outstanding feature is the Monterrei Fortification, declared a National Monument in 1931, and the splendid Alameda Gardens.

In this region there are also the mineral-medicinal water sources and the Invernadeiro Natural Park. In addition, a visit to the Historic Center of Verín cannot be missed on the itinerary. It will just fascinate you!

As for its gastronomy, Verín is known for offering visitors the richest and most varied dishes in the area. The "Empanada Gallega" is typical of this region. Likewise, you cannot stop tasting the exquisite octopus á feira, the Galician stew or the famous "filloas". Also, the great cod or the succulent called "lacon con grelos".

Among its wide variety of desserts are torradas, fried milk, "arroz con leche" and the popularly known "tarta do cigarrón", a true delicacy that will make your palate water.

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