O Grove Seafood Festival

O Grove Seafood Festival
It celebrates: From 29th September to 12th October
Place: Grove, O (Pontevedra)
Category: Gastronomic
Popularity: (****) 4/5
Ideal for children
Organize: O Grove City Council
Known start date: Since 1963
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest (since 1980)
TastingsFree Tastings
Reading time: 2 minutes

The Seafood Festival in O Grove is one of the best known in the country, in which all those present can enjoy delicious seafood dishes and at the same time enjoy a pleasant family atmosphere.

What does the festival consist of?

The highlight of this festival is the large marquee that is set up next to the Town Hall, where you can find all the seafood from the estuary, at very affordable prices.

Promotional video of the Seafood Fair

However, if you don't feel like waiting in line to buy the dishes you want to try, you can also try these delicacies in the restaurants in the area, at a slightly higher price.

During all these days of the festival, apart from the renowned gastronomic day in which you can taste fresh and excellent quality seafood, you can also watch competitions of mussel dishes, appreciate exhibitions of live seafood before they are prepared in some of the stands, enjoy traditional music and dances, stone sculptures in the open air and much more.

Origin of the O Grove Shellfish Festival

Since its beginnings, the aim of this celebration has been to exalt the seafood of the coast. This is a product that can be found in abundance during this festival, not in vain O Grove is well known as the Seafood Paradise.

Photo Courtesy of Turismo de O Grove
Photo Courtesy of Turismo de O Grove

The first edition of this festival dates back to 1963, and was held over a weekend, as were the following editions. They placed craft stalls made with wood from the local mountains and were located at the entrance of the Meca Peninsula, to publicise their celebration.

Over the years, these festivities became more popular, so they extended their dates and introduced a series of recreational activities in honour of the people who dedicate themselves to the hard work of the sea.

What else is there to see in O Grove if you go to the festival?

  • La Lanzada beach. Enjoy a day of water sports and finish the afternoon by enjoying the sunset.
  • Mount Siradella. It is a viewpoint, the highest point of the peninsula, you can leave the car in the car park and climb about 200 metres.
  • Path of the Black Stones. It is a path of approximately 2 km, while you do this walk, you will enjoy incredible landscapes.


Photo Courtesy of Turismo de O Grove
Photo Courtesy of Turismo de O Grove
  • Galician Empanada. A typical dish, economic and delicious, with many variants.
  • Pulpo a feira - Galician octopus. It is a very simple dish, but exquisite. It is very common to find this option as a tapa.
  • Seafood. It stands out for its freshness and flavour. It is impossible to visit O Grove without trying one of these.

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