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The Idus of March

The Idus of March
It celebrates: 13th March
Place: Mara (Zaragoza)
Category: Historical
Type: Medieval
Popularity: (***) 3/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Mara City Council
Figure of protection: Aragón Festival of Tourist Interest (2010)
Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos y medio

The Idus of March is a festival that is celebrated every year in Mara, Catalayud, on Saturday next to March 15th. This festivity is a reminder of the war that occurred between the Celtiberian settlement of Segada and Rome and that caused a change in the calendar.

What are the Idus of March and how is it celebrated in Mara?

In this traditional Celtiberian festival, the inhabitants of Mara in Zaragoza recreate a historical event, the war between the Roman Empire and the Celtiberian settlement of Segeda, a fact that led to a change in the calendar.

What is the festival of the Idus of March in Mara?

The festival consists of historical recreation accompanied by a series of activities such as writing workshops, goldsmithing, basketry and dance. Also, in the market that is exhibited to the public, Celtiberian costumes are shown, all this accompanied by good music, typical beer of this region and exquisite dishes to taste the palate of the diners.

On the other hand, a guided visit to the experimental archaeological zone of Segada is organized, where a game called "La Esperanza de Caro" is also played, an adventure, full of adrenaline and those who participate in it, experience the sensation of persecution that the inhabitants of this place experienced at the time by the Roman soldiers, a true historical event.

To end the day, all those present will participate in a ritual under the Sun and whose purpose is to welcome Spring, then a bonfire will be lit, where all the requests can be placed in the Tree of Wishes.

Origin of The Idus of March in Mara

The origin of this celebration begins when in the year 154 a. C the Celtiberian city of Sekaiza decides to confront the powerful Roman Empire. Before this event, the Romans from March 15 began the year with the spring equinox and which they called Idus of March.

All this changed when this small settlement resisted and remained despite opposition from Rome. This caused that its calendar was changed with the intention that the Roman troops would fight against what they believed an intruder population called Sekaiza and that would later be called Segeda. From that moment, the new calendar was born and until the current date it has remained in force.

What other things to see or do in the town of Mara?

If you visit this picturesque region of Spain, you will be surprised by the beautiful landscapes that make up its surroundings. Remains of the archaeological site of Segeda are still preserved, one of the most important Celtiberian cities and which was completely destroyed by the Romans.

You can also visit the Church of San Andrés Apóstol from the 16th century and later renovated, in a baroque style.

If you want to enjoy the typical food of Mara, you should not stop tasting its varied products and exquisite dishes such as the popular "madejas", there is also a wide variety of meat such as roast lamb, "migas Aragonesas", chilindrón chicken or salmorrejo eggs.

You cannot miss its delicious desserts like the fruits of Aragon, "trenzas de Almudejar" or the "adoquines del Pilar", a true souvenir for the tourists who visits this peaceful place, which they will always keep in their memory!

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