Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Navahonda in Robledo de Chavela

It celebrates: From 21st May to 28th May
Place: Robledo de Chavela (Madrid)
Category: Religious
Popularity: (**) 2/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Robledo de Chavela City Council
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What is the Romería of the Virgin of Navahonda?

The Romería of the Virgin of Navahonda is an important religious celebration in the region of Robledo de Chavela. During two weeks, the image of the Virgin is carried from her chapel to the church in town, in a procession that covers nine kilometers with several strategic stops. Once at the church, the novenas in honor of the Virgin begin, culminating with a grand celebration on Pentecost Sunday, when the Virgin is dressed in her finest clothes and paraded through the streets. The celebration ends with a spectacular fireworks display and a dance in the town square.

A week later, the Romería returns the Virgin to her chapel, with stops along the way, including a traditional lunch at Alto de Navahonda featuring local products. The celebration continues at the chapel with traditional dances, games, and activities. Kiosks are auctioned to raise funds for the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Navahonda, and the celebration ends with a mass and procession around the chapel.

What to see and visit in Robledo de Chavela?

Robledo de Chavela is a charming town in the Sierra de Guadarrama. In addition to the Romería of the Virgin of Navahonda, you can visit the beautiful and historically significant Chapel of San Antonio, the Town Square where the Town Hall is located, the Lunar Museum with a vast collection of space exploration objects, and the Madrid Observatory, where you can enjoy stunning views of the sky and learn about astronomy. For those who prefer active tourism, hiking, cycling, and horse riding are popular activities in the surrounding areas.

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