Medieval Week in Montblanc

Medieval Week in Montblanc
It celebrates: From 19th April to 28th April
Place: Montblanc (Tarragona)
Category: Representation
Popularity: (***) 3/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Medieval Association of Montblanc
Known start date: Since 1987
Figure of protection: National Tourist Interest Festival, Regional Tourist Interest Festival
National Tourist InterestRegional Tourist InterestMedievalThemed marketsTheatre
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The medieval festival of Montblanc is a celebration that takes place in the last week of April, coinciding with the Diada de Sant Jordi, on April 23. This festival is one of the most important in Catalonia, as it commemorates the legend of Sant Jordi, the Day of the Book and the Rose. The festival has been celebrated since 1987, when the Medieval Association was formally established.

The festival program is very varied and is partially renewed each year, adding new technologies and artistic contributions. Among the most outstanding events is the representation of the Legend of Sant Jordi, which is the most emblematic event of the festival. This light and music show takes place within the walls of the 14th century and features a mapping projection.

Another important event of the festival is the Medieval Market, one of the first to be held in Catalonia. This market has more than 130 stalls that offer artisanal products distributed throughout the streets and squares of the Gothic old town.

The Dracum Nocte is another outstanding show of the festival. It is a large format spectacle that takes place at the highest point of the wall. In it, a hundred actors bring witches, mixtures, and devotees of the devil to life, and tells the story of the metamorphosis of the Dragon of the Four Elements.

Another outstanding event of the festival is the Rose Delivery. In it, the procession of the four noble houses dances in honor of the most beautiful act of love in Catalan custom, Sant Jordi's delivery of a rose to the Princess.

The Montblanc medieval festival has been growing over the years, never losing its popular and transversal character. The festivity is organized by the members of the Medieval Association and has received multiple recognitions, among which the declaration of Festa d'Interès Turístic by the Generalitat and the Consell Comarcal de la Conca de Barberà in 1993, and by the Spanish State in 1997 stand out.

The Montblanc Medieval Week is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Catalan history and culture. The city becomes a true spectacle of light and sound, with a large number of activities ranging from parades to archery competitions. The festivity is an unforgettable experience that allows you to travel back in time and relive the splendid history of the town in the Middle Ages.

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