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Festival programmes for April 2024

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12th April

Spring Festival in Fuencaliente

From 12th April to 13th April
Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real)
Great cucona spring event in a new party format with free leisure and cultural activities, performances, guided tours.
Festival Program for 2024

Medieval Days of Montiel

From 12th April to 14th April
Montiel (Ciudad Real)
Historical days related to the death of Pedro I of Castile, recreating the arrival of the king in Montiel, taking refuge in the Castle of the Star. We will see how life was in the 14th century and witness the famous Battle of Montiel.
Festival Program for 2024

13th April

Vegetable Festival of Tudela

From 13th April to 28th April
Tudela (Navarra)
A gastronomic event that celebrates the produce of the Ebro riverbank. Enjoy typical dishes such as the Vegetable Stew and the famous Piquillo Pepper, along with activities such as the Vegetable Pintxos Contest and the Vegetable Market. A unique experience for food lovers.
Festival Program for 2024

14th April

Santo Toribio Festivities in Palencia

From 14th April to 16th April
Palencia (Palencia)
Celebration with music, gastronomy, sports activities, and fireworks. As a climax, the procession of the Saint to the Cristo chapel, followed by the throwing of bread and cheese to the attendees. An opportunity to enjoy Palencia's culture, tradition, and cuisine.
Festival Program for 2024

19th April

Medieval Week in Montblanc

From 19th April to 28th April
Montblanc (Tarragona)
Immerse yourself in the medieval era in the beautiful city of Montblanc. Enjoy exciting knight shows and medieval dances, taste delicious delicacies at the craft market, and marvel at the historical monuments.
Festival Program for 2024

20th April

Spring Festivals in L'Hospitalet

From 20th April to 23rd April
Hospitalet de Llobregat, L' (Barcelona)
Spring festivals that offer a wide cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer, including concerts, dance and theater shows, fairs, and activities for the whole family. A must-visit and enjoy event in spring.
Festival Program for 2024

23rd April

Seville April Fair

From 23rd April to 29th April
Sevilla (Sevilla)
For a week, the city is transformed into a real party with music, dance and good food. Visitors enjoy the atmosphere, dress up in traditional costumes, taste the typical gastronomy and dance sevillanas all night long. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of the Seville Fair!
Festival Program for 2024

30th April

Celebrations of the Holy Cross in Villanueva de la Serena

From 30th April to 5th May
Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz)
With a good number of religious and leisure activities. These celebrations represent a space for coexistence, in which the participation of its residents is a noteworthy characteristic. Religious events that culminate on Sunday with the Procession of the Holy Cross.
Festival Program for 2024

Upcoming festivals

Emérita Lúdica

From 20th May to 26th May
Mérida (Badajoz)
Emérita Lúdica
Discover the fascinating Roman world at Emérita Lúdica. Immerse yourself in historical reenactments, gladiator battles, Roman gastronomy, and cultural activities in Mérida. A unique experience filled with fun and knowledge.

Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Navahonda in Robledo de Chavela

From 21st May to 28th May
Robledo de Chavela (Madrid)
Discover the tradition of the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Navahonda. Experience the excitement of carrying the image of the virgin in procession from her hermitage to the town church and enjoy the festivities, traditional dances, local cuisine, and much more.

Puertollano's Feast of the Holy Vow

From 24th May to 25th May
Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
Puertollano's Feast of the Holy Vow
Discover the centuries-old tradition of the Holy Vow in Puertollano. Enjoy the blessing of rolls, the cow parade, the bonfires, and the delicious sacred stew. Awards, medieval market, and a photography rally complete this unique experience.

May festivities in Aldeire

From 26th May to 28th May
Aldeire (Granada)
May festivities in Aldeire
At the end of May, Aldeire becomes a stage where Moors and Christians thank the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of the Rosary, for mediating between them.

Caballada of Atenzia

31st May
Atienza (Guadalajara)
Caballada of Atenzia
The Caballada of Atienza, is an ancient tradition that takes place in Atienza where every year, on the last Sunday of Pentecost, a pilgrimage is made to the chapel of 'La Señora de La Estrella'.

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