Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley

Spring and Cherry Blossom in the Jerte Valley
It celebrates: From 17th March to 30th April
Place: Jerte (Cáceres)
Category: Floral
Popularity: (****) 4/5
Ideal for children
Organize: Tourist Office and Tourism Association of Valle del Jerte
Known start date: Since the seventies
Figure of protection: Festival of National Tourist Interest (since 2010)
National Tourist InterestNature
Reading time: 3 minutes and a half

There is nothing more delightful to the eyes than enjoying a magical and unique natural event, in which more than a million cherry trees are covered in white flowers, combined with the sweet sound of waterfalls and streams and the melting of mountain peaks. Come with your family and experience an intense adventure with the wonders of nature!

You will find this unparalleled event in the Jerte Valley, a natural region located in Extremadura, which will take place from March 20 to May 7, 2021, during the Cherry Blossom Festival, estimated dates for spring and cherry blossom season.

The Valley of the Senses, the Jerte.

What is the Fiesta del Cerezo en Flor?

This Spring festival is divided into three special moments:

Despertar del Valle (Valley Awakening): the ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, canyoning or paragliding. It's super cool!

Cerezo en flor (Cherry Blossom): the landscapes are covered in a majestic white color (the peak moment of this festivity), offering a unique beauty to the scenery.

Lluvia de pétalos (Petals Rain): symbolizes saying goodbye to this magical veil of white cherry blossoms. You can enjoy the cultural heritage of this valley with multiple activities that you can share with the locals.

It is estimated that cherry was introduced by the Arabs and after the reconquest, new settlers adapted it to these lands. This natural association, made up of eleven municipalities, has been celebrating this festival since the 1970s, marking the beginning of the Equinox, with the arrival of spring, which ends in May. It has been declared a National Tourist Interest Festival since 2010.

Curiosities about the Jerte Valley

  • The word Jerte comes from the Arabic word Xerit, which is the name the Arabs gave to the Jerte River.
  • It was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1973.
  • There are about 200 different varieties of cherry in the region, among which the Picotas del Jerte stand out. They have their own Protected Designation of Origin, being considered the best cherries in the world.

Recommendations to the visitor

We recommend these three alternatives to explore the mountains and villages that make up the Jerte Valley:

  • You can hike along the 21 designated trails in the region, which are properly marked and approved for nature lovers.
  • If you prefer to explore the area by car, you have two optional routes:
  • Route along the slopes: you can visit towns such as Valdastillas, Piornal, Barrado, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar, El Torno, and Rebollar.
  • Route parallel to the Jerte River: it follows the N-110 road and passes through the towns of Navaconcejo, Cabezuela del Valle, Jerte, and Tornavacas.
  • Another great option is to use mountain bikes to explore the slopes of the region. The Jerte Valley has the first BTT Center in Extremadura.

For any of the options you choose, wear very comfortable shoes and clothing. Enjoy the magnificent viewpoints in the region with spectacular views and take a break in the recreational areas, which can be found at the foot of many of the gorges and the Jerte River.

What other things to do in the Jerte Valley if you are going to the Cherry Blossom Festival?

Poster for Spring and Cherry Blossom Festival in Jerte Valley 2021
Poster for Spring and Cherry Blossom Festival in Jerte Valley 2021

Did you know you can pick your own cherries? Visitors can participate in cherry picking, known as "Cherry Agritourism," and take home this delicious fruit. Never pick without permission, as cherry trees always have an owner.

Between the months of May and July, "La Cerecera" is organized, with multiple activities such as fairs, cherry tastings, food samplings, and exhibitions.

If you want to take a dip in the water, we recommend going to Los Pilones, consisting of 13 natural pools formed by water erosion on granite, like natural cauldrons.

In addition to the Jerte River, you can explore the Garganta de Los Infiernos, San Martín, Buitres, Nogaledas, Papúos, among others. The waterfalls and cascades of these natural gorges offer an unforgettable spectacle, especially during rainy seasons.

Don't leave the place without first visiting the Cherry Museum, where you'll learn all about this magnificent fruit and the cultural tradition it's a part of.

Cuisine in the Jerte Valley

It's not all about cherries in the Jerte Valley. You will have the opportunity to taste their typical dishes, mainly based on goat and pork meat (stews, minced meat, suckling pig). And the goat milk cheeses are unmatched.

The Jerte-style Trout is delicious in escabeche or fried, which you can accompany with some delicious Patatas Revolcás, Migas or with another side dish of your preference.

Finally, you can't miss the Picota Cherry Gastronomic Days, with desserts made from cherries that will leave a sweet and unforgettable taste in your mouth.

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