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Malpartídate 2022

From 2nd July to 24th September
Malpartida de Cáceres (Cáceres)
If there is one thing that characterises Malpartida de Cáceres, it is its wide range of leisure and cultural activities throughout the year, but it is in summer when the greatest number of events take place. You are all invited to enjoy Malpartida de Cáceres and the people of Malpartida de Cáceres.


From 28th July to 20th August
Villaharta (Córdoba)
Its name reflects water and August, the two identifying signs of Villaharta, water for the hydrotherapic spas of the municipality and August being the time when its people meet again. With performances, conferences, exhibitions, games and flamenco.

Patron Saint Festivities in Matet

From 5th August to 21st August
Matet (Castellón)
Patron saint festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Assumption and the Rosary, religious festivities and bullfighting celebrations are held.

Sounds of Teixeira

From 6th August to 18th August
Teixeira, A (Orense)
Concerts, circus, dance, adventure, gastronomy, cinema, wine tasting, kayak.... culture in the Ribeira Sacra!!!

San Roque Patron Saint Festivities and Cultural and Sports Week

From 7th August to 17th August
Alboloduy (Almería)
The festivities in honour of the patron saint of San Roque start every year from the 14th to the 17th of August, with a Cultural and Sports week beforehand, which is characterised by a variety of activities for all the citizens.

Fair and Festivities in Honour of La Virgen de Las Angustias Patron Saint of Tabernas

From 11th August to 15th August
Tabernas (Almería)
The Patron Saint's Fair and Festivities present a lively programme, with a focus on the Patron Saint, with acts of worship, as well as a parade of floats, presided over by the Moza and Majo. There will also be orchestra music and competitions for all ages.

Sant Llorenç Festival in Alaior

From 12th August to 15th August
Alaior (Baleares)
In Alaior they celebrate the festivities in honor of San Lorenzo, among its various events include the Jaleos and the parade of floats.

Patron saint festivities in honour of Nuestra Señora de Las Angustias

From 12th August to 15th August
Albuñuelas (Granada)
The procession and the floral offering in honour of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias is a highlight, as well as the procession of our Father Jesus, both of which attract people from other towns as the devotees remain deeply rooted far from our town.

Leganés Festivities

From 12th August to 16th August
Leganés (Madrid)
Fiestas in honour of Our Lady of Butarque, with a good line-up of concerts, fireworks, orchestras and a day dedicated to the little ones.

Festivities in honour of the Virgen de la Asunción and San Roque in Malanquilla

From 12th August to 16th August
Malanquilla (Zaragoza)
We will once again have music in the streets, a street party in the square, competitions, sporting activities, the most important thing being that we all participate together. We will all go together to honour Our Lady of the Assumption and San Roque, and we will ask that next year no one is missing, and that this Malanquillan family does not stop growing.

Patron saint festivities in honour of San Bartolomé in Beniel

From 12th August to 27th August
Beniel (Murcia)
Every year Beniel is filled with colour and enthusiasm with the arrival of the patron saint fiestas in honour of San Bartolomé, with music, parades and competitions among the many activities to be enjoyed.

Rialp town festival

From 13th August to 15th August
Rialp (Lérida)
The Rialp town festival offers all visitors orchestra music and popular dances. Every day there are children's activities. You won't be disappointed.

Festivities in honour of Our Lady of the Assumption

From 13th August to 17th August
Campo (Huesca)
Patron saint festivities in honour of Our Lady of the Assumption. Various musical, sporting and festive events take place.

Festivities in honour of the Virgen del Rosario in Quintanar del Rey

From 13th August to 18th August
Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca)
Festivities of great popular roots with a great regional repercussion. Great fair parade and street parties together with a welcoming natural environment, are a visual incentive for all those who want to come and discover it.

Malaga Fair

From 13th August to 20th August
Málaga (Málaga)
The Malaga Fair returns every August with a programme full of colour and joy, both in the Centre and in the Real: concerts, stalls, attractions and lots of partying. Long live the Malaga Fair!
Running of the bulls of Pilón in Falces

Running of the bulls of Pilón in Falces

From 14th August to 21st August
Falces (Navarra)
In August, the Encierro del Pilón de Falces takes place, a bullfighting festival in which young people run in front of the bulls along a dangerous path on the edge of the cliff.

15th August

Festes de Gràcia in Barcelona

From 15th August to 21st August
Barcelona (Barcelona)
The Festes de Gràcia are celebrated with their identity sign more alive than ever, more than 23 streets are decorated to celebrate with locals and visitors one of the most colourful festivals in the city of Barcelona.

Puente Genil Royal Fair

From 15th August to 19th August
Puente Genil (Córdoba)
Experience the Puente Genil Royal Fair, one of the oldest in the region. There will be performances by renowned groups in its concert programme, as well as free performances in the Municipal Stand.

16th August

La Pinochada de Vinuesa or Dance of Respect

La Pinochada de Vinuesa or Dance of Respect

16th August
Vinuesa (Soria)
On 16th August, La Pinochada de Vinuesa or Baile del Respeto is celebrated, a popular festivity that symbolically commemorates the affronts between the villages of Vinuesa and Covaleda.

Vilagarcía de Arousa Water Festival

16th August
Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)
On 16th August, the Water Festival is held in Vilagarcía de Arousa, a celebration declared of National Tourist Interest in which you have to get wet and wet everyone within reach.

17th August

Antequera August Royal Fair

From 17th August to 21st August
Antequera (Málaga)
One of the oldest fairs in Spain, the Real Feria de Agosto de Antequera is celebrated with a very interesting concert program, don't miss it!

Festivities in Honour of San Bernardo in Belvís de Monroy

From 17th August to 21st August
Belvís de Monroy (Cáceres)
Casas de Belvís and Belvís de Monroy, which form the council, celebrate theirs festivities in honour of San Bernardo. It has its origins as a farmstead of the town of Belvís de Monroy, proof of which is the preservation of its popular and religious architecture. It is a festivity that unites both characteristics and fuses them with fun, joy, orchestras and many popular activities.

18th August

The Boloencierro of Mataelpino

The Boloencierro of Mataelpino

From 18th August to 24th August
Boalo, El (Madrid)
We invite you to get to know this popular festival, considered the most fun running of the bulls in the world! The Boloencierro of Mataelpino is celebrated in the last week of August.

19th August

San Bernardo Patron Saint Festivities

San Bernardo Patron Saint Festivities

From 19th August to 22nd August
Tulebras (Navarra)
Every year for San Bernardo, Tulebras invites all those who come to enjoy its festivities, with a parade of giants and big-heads, bagpipers, and where there will also be music and dancing thanks to the orchestras.

Festivities in Honour of Santo Niño de La Bola

From 19th August to 22nd August
Mesas, Las (Cuenca)
A festive programme full of sporting, recreational, musical, artistic and religious activities, so that everyone can take part in them. We invite you to visit us and experience our patron saint's festivities with you.

Natural Cider Festival

From 19th August to 28th August
Gijón (Asturias)
I encourage you to enjoy the cider and apple market, I invite you to discover the secrets of cider pouring, to take part in the cancios de chigre, to visit a cider mill, to taste the 'palos' presented in the competition... I invite you to experience the Fiesta.

20th August

Major Festivals of La Sénia

From 20th August to 29th August
Sénia, La (Tarragona)
Nine days of celebration within the second half of August. The honored patrons are San Bartolomé and San Roque. Of the great variety of events, horse races, donkey fights, bullfighting events and festivals every night stand out.

25th August

Major Festivities

Major Festivities

From 25th August to 30th August
Arboç, L' (Tarragona)
Declared as a National Heritage Festival of Interest. It features the human tower displays, parades, and performances by the Devils.

Coto de Bornos Fair

From 25th August to 28th August
Bornos (Cádiz)
A small family festival but with a large influx of people from neighbouring villages as it is the first in the sierra after the summer.

26th August

The Battle of Flowers in Laredo

The Battle of Flowers in Laredo

26th August
Blascosancho (Ávila)
On the last Friday in August, Laredo celebrates the Battle of Flowers, a festival where floats decorated with flowers compete to be the most colourful and best decorated, and music takes over the streets.

Patron Saint Festivities of San Antolin in Palencia

From 26th August to 4th September
Palencia (Palencia)
Palencia celebrates its main festivities around the figure of its patron saint: San Antolín. To the sound of giants and big-headed figures, the tradition of going down to drink from the well in the crypt of the cathedral is united.

Villanueva del Ariscal's Grape Harvest Festival

From 26th August to 4th September
Villanueva del Ariscal (Sevilla)
A festival of Andalusian interest, created in 1954 with the aim of publicising the goodness of the wines obtained from the vineyards of Villanueva del Ariscal. Various events are organised prior to the treading of the grapes and the obtaining of the first must of the year. Another of the most significant moments takes place during the pilgrimage in honour of San Ginés, patron saint of viticulture.

Ribabellosa patron saint festivities

From 26th August to 29th August
Ribera Baja / Erribera Beitia (Álava)
Very family-friendly patron saint's fiestas in Ribabellosa. Every year, on the last weekend of August, you can enjoy great activities for children and very popular street parties.

27th August



27th August
Tarazona (Zaragoza)
The Cipotegato is a traditional festival that pays homage to San Atilano and where the main characteris a very colorful harlequin, who with his magical presence will make that particular event a unique moment, very difficult to forget.

29th August

Festes del rei En Jaume

From 29th August to 11th September
Calvià (Baleares)
Many years have passed since 1229 and the bay of Santa Ponça, which saw the arrival of the Christian ships, welcomes the first fortnight of September, our festival, the joy of many Calvianeros, Mallorcans and visitors who come to relive this historic event in a collective and participative celebration.

31st August

La Tomatina

La Tomatina

31st August
Buñol (Valencia)
In August, the well-known festival of La Tomatina is celebrated in Buñol. An authentic campaign battle, where participants throw tomatoes as if there were no tomorrow.
The descendent of the Witch

The descendent of the Witch

31st August
Vidángoz/Bidankoze (Navarra)
The descendent of the Witch, is part of one of the festivities that take place in the town of Vidangoz (Navarra) and that honor Saint Augustine, considered the patron saint of this region of Spain.

Patron Saint and Moors and Christians Festivities in honour of the Virgin of Loreto in Santa Pola

From 31st August to 8th September
Santa Pola (Alicante)
Moors and Christians and Patron Saint Fiestas, with disembarkation, embassies, conquest and reconquest of Moors and Christians, parades, fireworks, floral offering to the patron saint, procession, children's games and sports competitions.

Upcoming festivals

The Miracle of the Corporals of Daroca

From 3rd June to 11th June
Daroca (Zaragoza)
Since the Middle Ages, this miracle has been celebrated during the Corpus in the major festivities of Daroca. In addition to attracting pilgrims to contemplate the relic, there is a rich program of festivities for all visitors.

Corpus Christi in Toledo

From 4th June to 11th June
Toledo (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Toledo
Discover Corpus Christi in Toledo: A historic procession full of tradition and faith, featuring beautiful floats and the impressive custodia by Enrique de Arfe. Experience a unique celebration in a city that fully embraces this sacred event.

Corpus Christi in Camuñas

From 7th June to 11th June
Camuñas (Toledo)
Corpus Christi in Camuñas
Discover the magic of Corpus Christi in Camuñas with the impressive Pecados y Danzantes, the procession, and the cultural and gastronomic richness of this unique celebration. Experience an unforgettable experience.

Patum de Berga

From 7th June to 11th June
Berga (Barcelona)
Patum de Berga
Experience the magic of a traditional festival filled with music, dances, and theatrical performances. Enjoy mystical figures, fire dances, and a unique atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the history of this UNESCO-recognized celebration.

La Orotava Patronal Festivities

From 9th June to 18th June
Orotava, La (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
Experience the magic of La Orotava's patronal festivities: tradition, religious devotion, and folklore come together in a unique celebration. Flower and volcanic rock carpets, pilgrimages, and cultural events await you in this charming municipality in Tenerife.

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